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Warning:  This post is not appropriate for children.  Older minors should get parental guidance.

This affidavit, sworn under oath, contains immense detail & offers corroborating witnesses. Julie Swetnick has everything to lose if this sworn statement proves false. If my Republican colleagues have any sense of morality, they will refuse to move forward with this nomination. These allegations are absolutely breathtaking—a gut punch. Julie Swetnick presents compelling, specific evidence of a pattern of vile & predatory behavior. There is absolutely no way Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination can proceed to a vote without an FBI investigation“. 2:33 PM · Sep 26, 2018 Richard Blumenthal @SenBlumenthal

Most damning page first. Looks like the stereotype of out of control frat boy. The first accusation against Kavanaugh sounded like assault and attempted rape. The following is gang rape.


Interview with Kavanaugh re Ramirez accusations. Not appropriate for minors, nor for people easily shocked. https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/09.25.18%20BMK%20Interview%20Transcript%20(Redacted).pdf
If the above Swetnick allegations are true, and they appear to be, then the Ramirez accusations are almost certainly true.

It is interesting that Kavanaugh alleged no recollection of involvement with stolen documents, shortly after its occurrence, but he recalls Ramirez’ name, decades later. If his memory is so poor that he forgets within a few years, his memory wasn’t good enough to get him out of law school without cheating or bribery.