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Katrina Rescue US Mil

In “Catastrophe in the Making: The Engineering of Katrina and the Disasters of Tomorrow“, Freudenberg, et. al., 2009, “assign responsibility for the disaster to the (publicly funded) “Growth Machine” that values economic development over environmental stewardship. Their main premise is that modern-day “pirates” have directed public funds to implement (potentially) environmentally destructive projects with little societal benefit, which profit a select few and, by artificially spreading the risk and cost, do not allow the markets to act rationally“(Book Review by DE Schaad, 2010). The biggest example of this, passing largely unnoticed, is the nuclear industry, which cannot survive without massive public (taxpayer and ratepayer) subsidies of every sort, from start to finish, including avoidance of most liability (e.g. health consequences for routine legal discharges). In the US, the nuclear industry’s backup plan to their backup plan is to have the National Guard save them in a…

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