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Lithuania took care of the problem quickly. When did America become so slow? This is a reblog of a March 2017 post!

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On 26 February 2003 Lithuanian President Paksas began his term as a President. In early 2004 parliament started impeachment proceedings and on 6 April 2004 he was removed. (“Lithuanian Parliament Removes Country’s President After Casting Votes on Three Charges“. New York Times. 7 April 2004) [1]

In 2004, Russian President Putin was well into his first term:
But how serious is the threat from the Russian neighbor? Most analysts agree that the Russian mafia, Russian business and Russian intelligence have all attempted to establish themselves in Lithuania…

The US needs to learn something from Lithuania’s experience, and look at all of the big, serious, questions surrounding the Trump administration and Russia. They also need to hurry and address the problem – they are already much slower than Lithuania. It’s not just a question of potential election interference, but investigation of Trump appointees and Trump family ties…

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