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During the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovaks carry their national flag past a burning tank in Prague.

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968

On August 20, 1968, the Soviet Union led Warsaw Pact troops in an invasion of Czechoslovakia to crack down on reformist trends in Prague. Although the Soviet Union’s action successfully halted the pace of reform in Czechoslovakia, it had unintended consequences for the unity of the communist bloc.

Before the Second World War, the nation of Czechoslovakia had been a strong democracy in Central Europe, but beginning in the mid 1930s it faced challenges from both the West and the East.

In 1938, the leadership in Great Britain and France conceded the German right to takeover the Sudetenland in the Munich Agreement, but the Czechoslovak government condemned this German occupation of its western-most territory as a betrayal.

In 1948, Czechoslovak attempts to join the U.S.-sponsored…

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