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The following has been sent to investigative journalists (too busy) and national press (studiously ignored) .  This Ball is WAY Too Hot to Handle?


The Beautiful Nuclear Game?

Uranium Hexaflouride - SpringfieldsUranium Hexaflouride arriving at the Springfields Nuclear Fuel Plant May 10th 2018

Most people have heard of the battle to stop fracking in Lancashire, but just what is going on at the other end of Preston New Road and does anyone care?

Major NGOs Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are high profile in the fight alongside campaigners in the battle to stop the fracking industry taking a hold in Lancashire.

The great and the good are standing shoulder to shoulder on fracking.  Baronesses, MPs and Environmental Journalists amongst others have joined the many ordinary folk at the gates of Cuadrilla’s drilling operations to condemn fracking.

This is all heartening.  I have joined in the protests in the battle against fracking on…

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