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Californian Howard Sherman is running against Mississippian David Baria in the Mississippi Democratic Primary Run Off. They both aspire to be the Democratic candidate opposing Republican Roger Wicker in November for one of Mississippi’s seats in the US Senate. However, Sherman and his wife, Sela Ward, together gave $10,000 to Wicker last June. After this was pointed out, Sherman gave $481 to US Congressman Bennie Thompson in May. Thompson told the Jackson Free Press that he has returned the money and is supporting Baria.

According to the Jackson Free Press, US Congressman Bennie Thompson has returned the donation which Howard Sherman gave him electronically, because Thompson is supporting David Baria for US Senate. He said that “if it had been a physical check, he would not have deposited it“. Read the article here: “UPDATED: Rep. Thompson Returns Sherman Donation; Will Endorse Baria” By Arielle Dreher Monday, June 18, 2018 1:09 p.m. CDT http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2018/jun/18/sherman-donated-wicker-thompson-sessions-baria-all/

In April, Sam Begley sought to disqualify Howard Sherman for being in violation of the State Democratic Party Constitution, since Sherman, along with his wife, donated $10,000 to the Republican candidate (Wicker) that he is supposed to be opposing. Begley also raised concerns about Sherman’s residency, and that Sherman was a registered Republican in California. Subsequently, Sherman gave $481 to Bennie Thompson’s campaign fund, apparently to say that he gave money to a Democrat, as he does on his web site. And, to have given money from a Mississippi address. Sherman even admits on his web site to giving money to Republicans Jeff Sessions and Trent Lott. The former was supposedly to help a friend make contacts to get a contract – so why didn’t the friend just go? It’s amazing that he admitted it, as it actually looks like a different Howard Sherman.

Sherman’s so not from Mississippi that his fundraiser misspells it. How can a Congressional fundraiser misspell the state’s name?

See entire ad here: http://yallpolitics.com/2018/05/08/robert-de-niro-and-alec-baldwin-host-manhattan-fundraiser-for-howard-sherman-mssen

Robert De Niro helped hold the fundraiser for Sherman in New York. De Niro has his own Russia connections: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/06/12/robert-de-niro-shares-russian-business-partners-with-trump-agalarovs-de-niro-tampering-in-mississippi-elections-to-make-democrats-lose-us-senate-seat/

Excerpt from Sam Begley petition: “In the 2018 election cycle Mr. Sherman provided his California address to make the maximum individual campaign contribution in the amount of $5,000 to Roger Wicker, the incumbent Republican United States Senator, who is also the Republican candidate for the seat Mr. Sherman is allegedly vying for. On information and belief, Mr. Sherman has also made substantial campaign contributions to then Republican Senators Trent Lott and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

6. Mr. Sherman is in violation of the State Democratic Party Constitution ( particularly Article XIII provided below) for violating party principles through donations to the incumbent Republican Senator Roger Wicker less than a year before he seeks the Democratic nomination to oppose Mr. Wicker in the general election… No candidate, while holding elective office as a Democrat or as a Democratic Party official, shall be certified to run in a Democratic Primary for any office: (a) who has participated in a primary of any other political party within the past twelve months by either voting or running for office in such primary; or (b) who has within the preceding four years publicly or financially supported the election to office of any person not running as a Democrat.
7. Should Mr. Sherman secure the Democratic nomination, his previous financial contributions to his November opponent would create an unavoidable conflict of interest. The State Democratic Party could be left with a nominee who chose to withdraw and endorse the candidate he has already supported financially, or worse, remain on the ballot as the Democratic nominee but refuse to actively campaign…


Sherman’s claim that he donated to Wicker in 2017 because he was concerned about Chris Daniels has little to no merit, as Daniels didn’t file to run until early 2018.