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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
This chicken scratch is actually in the GOP tax bill.
No, I haven’t had time to read the 500-page #GOPTaxScam bill that we’re voting on tonight. I couldn’t read it if I tried – and I did
“, from Senator Warren’s Facebook page.

Senator Warren was a law professor for more than 30 years, including nearly 20 years as the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.” https://www.warren.senate.gov/?p=biography

Senator Warren was sent a copy of the almost 500 page tax bill one hour before the Senate vote with mostly illegible hand-writing (“chicken scratch”) in the margins and the words were apparently cut off on the photo-copy, as well.

This wouldn’t be accepted in a school. The Republicans must have just sat in class until the teachers passed them to get rid of them or they bribed them. Even when schools accepted hand-written papers one had to rewrite the entire thing by hand if there were major corrections such as this. The same was true of type-written documents. One would have to read around 10 pages per minute to finish. And, it’s not a novel.

Screen captures from a 3 1/2 minute video of her attempting to read the notes in the margin, etc. Video further below.

Screen captures from the video, found below.

Link: http://youtu.be/0C26-5oq3sQ