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Important for the reader to recall that the nuclear industry legally discharges radioactive materials into the air and water, constantly polluting water sources while hiding it by pretending that dilution is a solution. Water cooled nuclear reactors and waste contaminate huge quantities of water, as does uranium mining.



Many thanks to Scisco Media for publishing the “Troubled Waters” article.  There is an update to the article as we now have answers to a Freedom of Information request from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who have replied that they will not be stopping their abstraction of 36 mega litres a day from the river Ehen and that there has been NO research done on the impact on for example fresh water pearl mussels from this abstraction from the Ennerdale/Ehen catchment area .  They also say they are not using borehole water as compensation flow  into the Ehen (although they have in the past according to old documents as without compensation flow there is ‘drawdown” effect ).

So there you have it.  One rule for the nuclear industry who take 36Ml/d from the river Ehen and another for West Cumbrians whose domestic use from the Ennerdale/Ehen catchment “is now approx. 4Ml/d…

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