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Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Nuclear And Coal = Earthquake.jpgCoal Action Network have written to Cumbria County Council opposing the new coal mine plan in West Cumbria saying that:

“The application to mine is too close to the Sellafield nuclear site and the proposal for another nuclear power station at Moorside. [5] Underground mining can have a significant impact on the surrounding areas, recently a coking coal mine in Russia triggered an earth quake. In addition to being dangerous for mining personnel this could cause a nuclear catastrophe.”

Their  excellent letter to CCC is below…please use this as inspiration to write your own letter of objection before the 10th July.  You can write to the Leader of CCC here: Stewart.Young@cumbria.gov.uk

To whom it may concern,

Re. Planning Reference NO 4/17/9007. [1]

I’m writing to oppose the proposed coking coal mine at Whitehaven.

The application should be rejected because it is not in the national interest. From reviewing the documents…

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