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The majority of Americans (57%) do NOT think Trump “honest and trustworthy“; 54% do NOT think that he cares about their needs.

Why did Gallup produce an article on FEBRUARY 13, 2017, “Americans Say Trump Keeps Promises, Is Strong Leader“? There were many questions where he is perceived negatively. In this case, it appears to be based on sorting of opinion according to which applied more.

According to their survey from February 1-5, 2017, Gallup found that 57% think that Trump is NOT “honest and trustworthy“; 54% think that he does NOT care “about the needs of people like you“; 55% say that he does NOT “inspire confidence” and that he can NOT “manage the government effectively“. 62% says that he “Keeps his promises“, and 59% that he is “a strong and decisive leader“.

The strange and worrisome thing is that whereas his cabinet appointments show clearly that Trump does NOT care about the average American, 46% think he does, compared to 37% in 2016. The difference is slightly greater than the margin of error. Where he has declined in opinion is on managing government effectively, but within the margin of error.

The article and related poll information is found here:
FEBRUARY 13, 2017, “Americans Say Trump Keeps Promises, Is Strong Leader

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