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Russian spy network planning sabotage exposed in Poland, 6 accomplices detained
The Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) has exposed a spy network that worked for Russia and was tasked with preparing sabotage operations
Source: European Pravda, referring to RMF FM, Polish news agency
Details: The ABW workers detained six people during the investigation. An alert was issued on railroads and national critical infrastructure facilities due to the network’s activities.

The arrested persons are foreigners “from the eastern border” allegedly working for the Russian secret services. The ABW agents detained them after hidden cameras were discovered on important routes and railroad junctions. The cameras recorded movement on railway tracks and transmitted images to the network.

As the RMF FM reports, the cameras had been mainly installed at the railroad sections in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, specifically near the airport in the settlement of Jasionka near the town of Rzeszów. The airport is the main transit point for the Western armaments and ammunition going to Ukraine.

The cameras had been installed in other parts of Poland as well.

Due to the special operation, security and police officers have been put on high alert. Law enforcement officers are paying special attention to the security along strategically important railroad routes in Poland, as well as to strengthening the security of key critical infrastructure facilities.

In recent months, Poland has several times identified people suspected of working for Russia. In January 2023 alone, the case against a Russian and a Belarusian accused of espionage was sent to court. https://www.eurointegration.com.ua/news/2023/01/4/7153552/
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”. https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/03/15/7393577/

Mr Kaminski said the six were “foreigners from across the eastern border” and they had sought to disrupt military and aid supplies to Ukraine.

Mr Kaminski said the cell had been preparing “sabotage actions” in Poland

The group were also tasked with carrying out propaganda activities to disrupt Polish-Ukrainian relations and incite hostile attitudes towards Poland among Nato, Mr Kaminski said. ABW has evidence the group were paid by Russian intelligence.”
See: “Entire Russian spy network dismantled in Poland”, by Adam Easton, BBC Warsaw https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-64975200