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After Russia has been endlessly helped and fed by the USA for over 100 years, instead of helping others, the Kremlin con-artists are using food as a weapon.

Mining Awareness +

Geoeconomics of the Black Sea: Ukraine relies on Black Sea ports to export agricultural goods around the globe. CC-BY-NC-SA

Russia became the largest exporter of grain in the world only AFTER formerly annexing Crimea, as well as taking control of part of Ukraine’s fertile black soil district in the eastern parts of Ukraine. (See infographics, below.)

Russia has been aiming for world domination through control of food, energy, ports and waterway (maritime) chokepoints. Their population is less than half that of the United States, but they could control much of the world in this manner. Indeed, they are already controlling much of the world in this way. They are making defense/defence pacts with countries that are already dependent upon them for food and energy, and selling them weapons.

While the US imports over a million legal immigrants per year to feed and to live in large suburban McMansions, Russia doesn’t…

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