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“Lithuanians knew through the ages – liberty could not be taken for granted. Today Lithuania is an inspiration for freedom loving people around the world.” https://twitter.com/NATO_ACT Lithuania joined NATO in 2004. It is shocking that there are those in the USA, UK, and Europe, who think that Lithuania and Poland shouldn’t have the right to protect themselves against Russian imperialism, because it hurts Russia’s feelings!

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It’s actually mind-boggling that anyone can think that Russia should have decided if Poland can defend itself by joining NATO, especially when Russia has a long history of aggression against Poland and others. Poland has a long tradition of love of liberty in stark contrast to Russia’s long tradition of despotism-serfdom-oppression. Parts of Belarus and Ukraine were in Poland prior to WWII. The Duchy of Prussia, now called Kaliningrad, was never part of Russia until Stalin stole it in 1946. It’s not even near Russia.
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Why the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s Legacy of Liberty Is Worthy of Our Appreciation Today: The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth spanned 226 years, from 1569 to 1795. In terms of political and economic liberty, it was an enlightened country—and ahead of its time Wednesday, October 7, 2020, By Lawrence W. Reed
When the union between Norway and Sweden dissolved peacefully in 1905, Norway went shopping for…

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