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Ukraine Minister of Defence with Russian balloon reflector.

Six Russian UFOs were detected over Kyiv and most or all were shot down by Ukraine’s Air Defense. They are believed to be balloons, and may carry intelligence equipment. The possible purpose was to locate Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense; to distract and exhaust the anti-aircraft defense, and deplete ammunition.

After a detailed study and analysis of the downed flying objects, a final determination of their type, characteristics and equipment will be made.

Ukraine is already using ammunition more quickly than the “west” has been able to replenish it. NATO has urged ammo makers to move to 24 hour shifts. However, ammunition also requires basic materials and probably additional metals mining. So will rebuilding. On top of everything else, Russia’s war is dreadful for the environment.

The reader may notice that Russia’s using a similar strategy to drug cartels sending drugs over the US-Mexican border. The drug cartels send illegal migrants, especially women and children, as a diversion to border control, while someone else throws or runs drugs across the border. Russia’s a mafia state.

Press service of Kyiv City Military Administration (KCMA), 15 Feb. 2023
Operational information:
Previously, about 6 enemy air targets were detected in the airspace of Kyiv .

▫️According to the information being clarified, these were balloons that move in space under the influence of the wind.

❗️These objects could carry corner reflectors and some intelligence equipment. Air defense equipment worked on all air targets. Most of these probes were shot down. The purpose of launching them was possibly to identify and exhaust our anti-aircraft defense .

The final determination of the type and characteristics of the aircraft and their equipment will be made after a detailed study and analysis of the remains of the downed objects. Press servicehttps://t.me/VA_Kyiv/943

HT: “About 6 Russian balloons spotted over Kyiv, most of them shot down” By TETIANA LOZOVENKO — WEDNESDAY, 15 FEBRUARY 2023, 17:07 https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/02/15/7389495/