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Mining Awareness +

Americans need to wake up and start vetting who has been let into our country and start wondering why. Media fails in its vetting job of politicians, along with telling nonstop lies, which have apparently incited “leftist” violence, though how many are paid, we may never know.

Omar’s father recently died, so the truth is out in his obituary. With no media and only propaganda organs, obits are almost the only place to get information.

Why were we importing military officers from communist dictatorships? Why didn’t Russia take him? How did this family become our problem? Likely because Russia is more racist than America or maybe they vet their immigrants.

Too many immigrants have brought in authoritarian habits from their homelands. Remember that the abused often become abusers. There are others, of course, who are abused and stand against abuse.

The father of Ilan Omar obtained a military education in…

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