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Remembering Ukraine’s fight for freedom, 105 years ago. Amazing that some people still don’t think they have the right to be free!

Participation of the President of Ukraine in honoring the memory of the Heroes of Kruty 29 January 2022 – 11:38https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/glava-derzhavi-vshanuvav-pamyat-geroyiv-krut-72605

January 29, 2023 https://sprotyv.mod.gov.ua/en
On January 29, Ukrainians celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Kruty which forever became an example of the heroism of a young nation.

The struggle for independence, the realization of the national idea and the foundations of democracy – this is what the young heroes of Krut fought for. It is worth noting that they are an example to follow for modern defenders of independent Ukraine who are also fighting against a numerous terrorist enemy. A century ago the defenders of Ukrainian independence could not stand the fight against the superior forces of the aggressor. Today we have to finish this important work. After all, now we have a professional and motivated army, a consolidated people and world support.

We remember the glorious generation of defenders of 1918 – we remember the Heroes of Krut! We remember their resistance!https://sprotyv.mod.gov.ua/en/2023/01/29/the-battle-near-kruty-is-a-heroic-resistance-that-went-down-in-history/

Battle of Kruty
Translated excerpts from: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitwa_pod_Krutami
Battle of Kruty – a battle fought on January 30, 1918 between a detachment of the Bolshevik army of Mikhail Muravyov and Ukrainian volunteers led by Averkiy Honcharenko, near the Kruty railway station.

On January 22, 1918 , the Ukrainian People’s Republic found itself at war with Bolshevik Russia. The Bolsheviks, 20-30 thousand strong, under the command of Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko, occupied the Kharkiv, Katerinoslav and Poltava governorates and headed towards Kiev.

The troops subordinated to the UNR [Ukrainian People’s Republic], numbering in the summer of 1917 about 200,000 soldiers, dwindled to 15,000, deployed throughout Ukraine. Therefore, the UNR government called for the formation of volunteer troops to defend the state. Students of the Kiev University of St. Włodzimierz and the Ukrainian People’s University, forming the Student Kureńki. It was also attended by students of the upper classes of the Ukrainian Gymnasium. Cyril-Methodian Brotherhood of the City of Kiev.

On January 26, the military command received a notice from Averkiy Honcharenko, the Ukrainian commander operating at Bakhmach, about the start of the Bolshevik advance and a request for help. On January 27, the first hundred of the newly organized Student Curia was sent to help him, without any military training, in the strength of about 120 people.

The defense was organized near Kruty. Kureń Studencki, together with the students of the junker school, was given the task of defending the Kruty railway station. Three groups of Kureń, numbering about 30 soldiers each, took places in the trenches, the fourth remained in reserve.

The Bolshevik attack of a detachment of about 4,000 soldiers began at 9 o’clock. After several hours of fighting, a detachment of Free Cossacks of 80 soldiers arrived to the aid, but this did not change the course of the fight. After running out of ammunition, the unit made several bayonet attacks, but suffered heavy losses. The fight lasted until late at night, all the fighting students were killed along with the commander of the kurenia – Andrij Omelchenko.

The Bolsheviks also shot all the 27 students taken prisoner [1]. In total, about 300 defenders of Krut were killed, Bolshevik losses are unknown. Delaying the Bolshevik offensive allowed Kiev to be defended and time needed to conclude negotiations on the Brest- Litovsk Treaty. This battle is a symbol of patriotism and sacrifice in the fight for independent Ukraine. [2][3]https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitwa_pod_Krutami

Employees of the military intelligence of Ukraine pay tribute to the Heroes of Krut January 28, 2023
Employees of military intelligence of Ukraine pay tribute to the Heroes of Krut, whose feat on January 29, 1918, allowed our state to win precious time and gain international recognition.

Today, as 105 years ago, Ukraine is fighting for independence from the Russian aggressor.

Therefore, the act of young patriots – Kyiv students and high school students, who joined the battle with significantly equipped and many times more numerous enemy forces – inspires us to fight just as zealously, courageously and uncompromisingly.

The century-old Russian-Ukrainian war, like the current one, proves that a free and capable state is possible only with a strong army, and there is no better negotiating position than one backed by successes on the battlefield.

Today, we, the employees of GUR MOU, proudly remember the names of Semen Mohyla and Semen Korol – brave scouts of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, participants in the Battle of Kruty and defenders of the young statehood of Ukraine. In addition, it was the efforts of Semene Korol that made it possible to rebury the bodies of Hero Krut in Kyiv at the Askold grave.

It is symbolic that a century after the Battle of Kruty, the Ukrainian army met the same enemy in the same place. On March 1, 2022, units of the Armed Forces defeated the enemy, covering the fields near Kruty with hundreds of enemy bodies. We took our revenge in battle, but the war continues. In memory of the Heroes of Krut and the fighters for the independence of Ukraine of all times, we must finish their work – the empire must be destroyed.

Let’s fight! Let’s resist! We win and we will win!
Glory to Ukraine!

President honored the memory of the Heroes of Kruty
29 January 2022 – 11:23
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy took part in the ceremony of honoring the Heroes of Kruty. The Head of State laid flowers at the memorial cross to the Heroes of Kruty at Askold’s Grave in Kyiv.

The attendees honored the memory of the deceased with a moment of silence. The National Anthem of Ukraine was played. Warriors of the honor guard saluted with personal weapons and marched near the memorial cross.

The ceremony was also attended by Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak, Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny and cadets of higher military educational institutions.” https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/glava-derzhavi-vshanuvav-pamyat-geroyiv-krut-72605