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Killing and terrorizing their neighbors is Russia’s idea of how to spend Sundays.

Urgent request for blood donations: “People of Kherson, we are begging for donor support for the wounded after another shelling!!!!” Blood types needed described here: https://t.me/cskxerson/2307

Multiple casualties reported as Russian artillery shells Kherson
29.01.2023 16:01 https://www.ukrinform.net
As Russian forces launched a massive artillery strike on Kherson, among the facilities hit is a local hospital where a nurse was injured.

The Russian artillery is shelling the residential quarters of Kherson. Multiple casualties have been reported.

This was reported on Telegram by the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Ukrinform saw. https://t.me/khersonskaODA/3390

“Kherson is under a massive attack by Russian artillery! The enemy is prowling the residential quarters of the city. At this moment, multiple casualties – wounded and killed – have been reported,” the statement said.

A local hospital was also shelled, according to the Ministry of Health. https://www.facebook.com/moz.ukr/posts

“The regional clinical hospital of Kherson came under fire. A nurse has been injured,” the statement reads.

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As Ukrinform reported, over the past day, January 28, Russian troops shelled Kherson region 36 times, inflicting damage on several residential buildings and infrastructure facilities, injuring a civilian”. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3661559-nurse-injured-as-russians-shell-kherson-hospital.html

Kherson under massive shelling, many people killed and injured
By ROMAN PETRENKO, KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO — SUNDAY, 29 JANUARY 2023, 17:32 https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news
In the afternoon of 29 January, the Kherson Oblast Military Administration reported that Russians carried out a massive shelling of the city of Kherson. There is information that many people were killed and injured. 

Source: Ministry of Health of Ukraine; [Ukraine’s public broadcaster] Kherson Oblast Military Administration 

Quote from the Ministry of Health: “The Oblast clinical hospital was targeted in Kherson. A nurse was injured.”

Details: Later, Yurii Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Head of Kherson Oblast Council, posted a photo from the site of the attack. 

The Kherson Oblast Military Administration reported that a massive attack occurred, causing many injuries and deaths.

As of 14:00,seven attacks took place in the city.

Later, the Administration reported that three people were killed in the Subday attacks on Kherson, and six were wounded. All those injured were taken to hospitals; one of them is in critical condition. 

A number of civilian targets were damaged in the selling, including Kherson regional clinical hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office, a bank and residential houses.

Among those wounded is a nurse who stayed in the regional hospital when the Russians attacked. Shw underwent a surgery, suffering from a moderately serious wound

🇺🇦Kherson ODA (OVA):
Kherson is under a massive attack by Russian artillery

The enemy is prowling the residential quarters of the city. At this moment, it is known about many victims: wounded and dead.

Residents of Kherson, go to the nearest shelter or stay at home, using the rule of two walls, and in no case stay outside.

More detailed information about the consequences of shelling later.
🇺🇦Kherson ODA (OVA)

❗️ the Russian invaders covered Kherson with massive fire. Enemy artillery pounded the residential quarters of the city.

As a result of enemy shelling, a number of civil infrastructure objects were damaged: the Kherson Regional Clinical Hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office, a bank, and residential buildings.

As of this hour, it is known about 8 victims due to Russian strikes: three people died, five were injured of varying degrees of severity. All victims were taken to medical facilities, where doctors are providing them with the necessary assistance. One person is in serious condition.

Among the injured is a nurse who was in a regional hospital at the time of the Russian attack. The woman was operated on, she received moderate injuries.
🇺🇦Kherson ODA (OVA)
🇺🇦Kherson ODA (OVA)

❗️ the Russian invaders covered Kherson with massive fire. Enemy artillery pounded the residential quarters of the city. As a result of enemy shelling, a number of civilian infrastructure objects were damaged: the Kherson regional clinical hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office…


Today’s Russian shelling injured 9 people: 3 people died (2 men and 1 woman), 6 were injured.

During the shelling of the Kherson Regional Clinical Hospital, 2 people were injured: a nurse and a cafeteria worker. Both women received moderate injuries”. https://t.me/s/khersonskaODA

Yesterday, January 28, Kherson ODA (OVA):
We continue to work to return normal life to the liberated Kherson region. More about what was done on January 28👇

⏺ 15 brigades are working to restore light in the Kherson region – that’s 74 workers and 22 pieces of equipment. Last day, crews worked on the lines supplying Novokamyanka, Borozenske, Lyubimivka, Mykolaivka, Kherson, Oleksandrivka, Pravdyne, Barvinok and Zeleniy Gai. Power engineers have restored electricity supply in the village of Chereshneve of the Visokopil Territorial District.

⏺ On behalf of the Kherson OVA, 40 workers from HOKARS, DSNS and KP “Kherson Parks” worked on the restoration of buildings damaged by Russian shelling in Kherson. Primary repair works were carried out at 3 addresses. In total, 65 windows were covered with OSB sheets, 20 of them in an educational institution and 41 in a hospital. Specialists also conducted an examination of a residential building that was heavily damaged by Russian shelling – there is a threat of a reinforced concrete slab falling. Currently, all necessary measures are being taken to prevent this from happening. 

⏺ Explosive technicians of the National Police examined more than 3 hectares of territory, removed 93 explosive objects, destroyed 52. Pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service examined more than 14 hectares of territory, removed and neutralized 37 explosive objects.

⏺ The delivery of humanitarian aid to residents of the Kherson region continues. In total, about 6,300 residents of the liberated territories received help from international public organizations, philanthropists and volunteers. Bread, preserves, cookies, food kits, ready meals, vegetables, drinking water, blankets, bedding and other necessary products were brought and distributed to people free of charge. 

⏺ The Beryslav community has a 25 kW generator from the Odesa City Council, which will be used to restore the water supply.

⏺ 60 cubic meters of firewood from Zhytomyr OVA were brought to the Mylivsk tergromada. They were distributed to vulnerable categories of residents of the village of Dudchany. Also, the residents of the Bilozersk community received 150 construction kits from the French organization ASTED, the NGO “Union of Bulgarians of Mykolaiv” and the NGO “300 Mykolaivites”. 50 cubic meters of firewood were delivered to the Vysokopolska community from the Nebo Ukrainy charity organization. 5 thousand sheets of OSB were provided by Kherson OVA.

We continue to work!