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MdB/MP (Rendsburg-Eckernförde) Berlin, Germanyjohann-wadephul.de
Johann Wadephul @JoWadephul
#Germany is a brake and not an accelerator in supporting #Ukraine. Hence the request @Chancellor #Scholz and @spdbt: #FreeTheLeopards. Life punishes those who come too late – in this case Ukraine, not us. @cduscubt https://twitter.com/JoWadephul/status/1616012747992358915
“The Chancellor’s refusal and Germany’s non-delivery is a wrong, irresponsible, single-handed effort that is letting #Ukraine down in a crucial situation,” he said

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CDU/CSU @cducsubt
Now is the time to provide effective support to #Ukraine. It is now the time for Germany to finally give the green light for the delivery of main battle tanks. It must be done now because the spring offensive is imminent,” he said @JoWadephul in today’s debate.

Does Russia have something on Scholz? He appears as cowardly as Biden Sec. of State Blinken:

Leak: Current German Chancellor Scholz Tried (and Failed) to Bribe-Bully the Trump Admin into Waiving US Congressional Sanctions Against Russia (NordStream2); Biden Admin-Blinken Waived NordStream2 Sanctions