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The Sputnik DNA-viral vector vaccine was supposedly developed and, in part, produced by the Russian govt. Thus, any profits could be funding the war in Ukraine. That could explain why those pushing distrust of mRNA vaccines suddenly flipped to supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Non-Sputnik vaccines are business competitors. Brazil is using a Chinese vaccine, as well as others. Brazil was alarmed about finding living cold viruses in the Sputnik vaccine vials. Nonetheless, Brazil was intimidated into approving Sputnik. Both Bolsonaro and Lula have enjoyed good relations with Putin.

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Sputnik V is a DNA (viral vector) vaccine, which underwent little testing, and which uses the embryonic cell line HEK293 in its production. Furthermore, DNA vaccines are at least as risky as mRNA vaccines, and maybe more so. Putin promoted Covid-19 testing and vaccines and vaccine export, especially to Africa, during the 2021 World Economic Forum.

The estimated $30 billion made from vaccine exports is only for Sputnik V. Russia has some other vaccines, as well: “the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), together with the Gamaleya Center, which developed the Sputnik vaccine, announced that Sputnik would be sold to foreign partners at a price of at least $20 per set. As of April 2021, it was known that Sputnik V was approved for use in 60 countries with a total population of over one and a half billion people. Experts believe that manufacturers will earn more than $ 30…

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