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India, Russia, China, and Iran are all in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and do military exercises together.

These recent exercises were in mid November 2022. Why is the US doing military drills with India? The more India does bad things, the more the US government rewards them.

The drills allow India to spy and transmit information to their ally Russia.

Even as India’s ally, Russia, was threatening to invade Ukraine, the US allowed India to do military drills in Alaska, which is where Russia constitutes a huge threat to the US.

And, as a reminder to those who say Ukraine doesn’t matter: the US is closer to Russia than is most of Ukraine. It’s closer to the Russian mainland, than Poland is. Maps are available online. You can see the map on the top of this post. Those who still can’t look at a map after almost one year of war and continue to blindly repeat stupidities are beyond hope anyway. But, please don’t blindly repost their stupidities.

India has never been a US friend or ally, nor a friend to the west. Why does the US bow down to India, as though we are their “untouchable” servants? What sort of untouchable do you want to be? Like the incorruptible American variety? Or the oppressed under-caste untouchables (Dalits) of India? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Untouchables_(law_enforcement) For decades the US government has chosen to make Americans bow down to India for no reason that can be fathomed.

India continues to selectively abort female babies, with the help of ultrasound, as does China, for those who claim they care: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/missing-female-births-and-excess-mortality Prior to ultrasound, they simply killed them, which they sometimes still do. Should we praise them for being vegans, while they abort babies because they are girls? Hitler was a vegetarian or vegan, too.

With the internet, there’s no excuse to remain ignorant, though it may be too late. Who sold the US to India? All of the Nazis that were imported?Operation Paperclip was a secret United States intelligence program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from the former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment after the end of World War II in Europe, between 1945 and 1959. Conducted by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), it was largely carried out by special agents of the U.S. Army’s Counterintelligence Corps (CIC). Many of these personnel were former members and some were former leaders of the Nazi Partyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip This could also explain the invasion from south of the border, because Latin America was full of Nazis. A German who was born in Latin America is a “Hispanic”.
In 1939, a spokesman for the Hindu Mahasabha (Hindu Party) intimately connected Germany with Indian culture and people. Germany’s solemn idea of the revival of the Aryan culture, the glorification of the Swastika, her patronage of Vedic learning and the ardent championship of the tradition of Indo-Germanic civilization are welcomed by the religious and sensible Hindus of India with a jubilant hope,” the spokesman blustered….“Germany’s crusade against the enemies of Aryan culture will bring all the Aryan nations of the world to their senses and awaken the Indian Hindus for the restoration of their lost glory.” https://www.ibtimes.com/hindu-nationalists-historical-links-nazism-fascism-214222 The South Asians who fought with the UK against fascism were generally Muslim, whereas the Hindus were more likely to support the Nazis: “World War Two: The forgotten Indian soldiers of Dunkirk”, 14 September 2021 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-58466527

Why is India allowed this two-faced promiscuity? Russia has natural resources, but India has no such value. The only possible explanation is that the US has been taken over by immigrants from India in recent decades, perhaps spearheaded by German Nazis. But, there is still no explanation of why India has been allowed to overrun the USA, when, unlike the UK, we have no historical ties with it and little history of immigration from it, until recently. A plausible explanation is that the Operation Paperclip Nazis imported them. Turkey is in NATO, yet they were sanctioned for buying weapons from Russia. India is buying and making weapons with Russia and has had over 30 years of coddling by the US government! Is this coddling due to the Nazis and communists in our ranks?

The more India does bad things, the more the US rewards them. How did we arrive at this? Where intelligent relatives of George Washington are side-lined and the country is run by idiots? This stupid idea of peeling off enemies from each other has never worked. Pro-Russians argued that we need to buddy up with Russia to peel it away from China while Russia has been allowed to go wild invading its neighbors, and we continue to buy products from China. And, India does whatever the hell it pleases, while sending its people to overrun the USA and put its advocates in the US Congress, including a grandchild of a high ranking politician from India (Ro Khanna) and grandchild of an Indian diplomat-niece of India defence advisor (Kamala Harris). Kamala Harris’ caste name, which appeared on her original birth certificate is “Iyer”, which is Aryan. Supporting the USSR against their Nazi allies (who had double-crossed them), instead of allowing the communists and fascists to fight each other to the death, with the help of winter, is another example of idiocy. That idiocy was apparently because Churchill wanted access to Soviet oil, but there’s no logical explanation for us bowing down to India.

India is an ally of Russia, while the United States and the Russian mainland are around 57 miles apart. Unless India was fed false information, whoever allowed this is a traitor to the United States.

The title of the VOA article, written by someone from India, of course, says what is India’s perspective: “India Dismisses Chinese Objections to India-US Military Drills Near Border”.

It’s Americans who should object! Why is VOA reporting about what India thinks, instead of what Americans think?

VOA isn’t Voice of America anymore and is mostly staffed by anti-American foreigners. Who did this? Tucker Carlson’s father when he was head of VOA? This blog continues to use VOA because it’s a public domain news source and can be rewritten (and criticized).

Both of the entities making the BrahMos missiles are government owned meaning that Russia and India are business partners for making missiles, which may be in use in Ukraine, or may be in use soon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NPO_Mashinostroyeniya

“Brahmos” is ready to supply missiles to the Russian army: Co-director of “Brahmos” Maksichev: the company is ready to supply missiles to the Russian army 08:32 08/29/2022 (updated: 11:15 08/29/2022) https://web.archive.org/web/20220831150746/https://ria.ru/20220829/bramos-1812793653.html

India is actively undermining sanctions, too:
Exclusive: India asked by sanctions-hit Russia for parts for key sectors” November 29, 2022 By Aditi Shah, Aftab Ahmed and Gleb Stolyarov
The list of items from Russia, which runs to nearly 14 pages, includes car engine parts like pistons, oil pumps and ignition coils… For aircraft and helicopters, Russia requested 41 items including landing gear components, fuel systems, communication systems and fire extinguishing systems, life jackets and aviation tyres… Russian metals producers like nickel and palladium giant Nornickel (GMKN.MM) have said Western sanctions and self-sanctioning by some suppliers have made it difficult for industrial companies to obtain imported equipment, spare parts, materials and technologies… The list includes nearly 200 metallurgy items…https://web.archive.org/web/20221210002153/https://www.reuters.com/world/india/india-asked-by-sanctions-hit-russia-parts-key-sectors-sources-2022-11-29/

India’s Air Force Just Announced Successful Test of Extended Range Missile By Russia-India BrahMos Partnership; Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Connected to India’s Defence Establishment; Ro Khanna Trying to Protect India from Sanctions

Voice of India masquerading as Voice of America News:
India Dismisses Chinese Objections to India-US Military Drills Near Border
December 01, 2022 12:26 PM By Anjana Pasricha
India has dismissed Beijing’s objections to U.S.-India military exercises being held close to India’s disputed border with China.

The drills between Indian and U.S. soldiers began in mid-November and are due to conclude Friday. Part of annual exercises held by the two sides, this year’s maneuvers are taking place in the Himalayan mountains in Auli in Uttarakhand state, about 100 kilometers from the border area, known as the Line of Actual Control.

China said on Wednesday that the joint exercises “violated the spirit of relevant agreements” between Beijing and New Delhi. “It does not serve the mutual trust between China and India. China has expressed concerns to the Indian side over the military exercise,” foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a media briefing in Beijing.

Responding to China’s comments, Indian foreign ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said Thursday that “India exercises with whomsoever it chooses to, and it does not give a veto to third countries on this issue.”

Bagchi said the exercises had nothing to do with the agreements China had referred to. “But since these were raised, the Chinese side needs to reflect upon and think upon its own breach of these agreements,” according to Bagchi.

Tensions between India and China have escalated since a bloody border clash in 2020 killed 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers in the Ladakh area. As a result, both sides continue to deploy tens of thousands of soldiers backed by artillery, tanks and fighter jets along the disputed border and are rapidly building infrastructure in the Himalayan mountains.

Following several rounds of talks between the military commanders of the two countries, soldiers have pulled back from some so-called “friction points” along the border where they were posted close to each other, but heavy deployments continue at other points that are of strategic significance to both sides.

The U.S. Department of Defense said in a report this week that China “warned” U.S. officials not to interfere in its relations with India following the border skirmishes. “The PRC (People’s Republic of China) seeks to prevent border tensions from causing India to partner more closely with the United States,” stated the report on “Military and Security Developments involving China” that was submitted to U.S. lawmakers.

This year’s drills in Auli were the 18th edition of joint exercises known as “Yudh Abhyas” or “War Practice” that are held alternately in the U.S. and India with the aim of exchanging best practices, tactics and techniques. Last year’s exercises were held in Alaska.

Before the drills commenced, India’s Ministry of Defense said the exercises will focus on surveillance, mountain-warfare skills, casualty evacuation and combat medical aid in adverse terrain and climatic conditions.

The exercises are part of deepening military cooperation between New Delhi and Washington, driven by mutual concerns over Beijing’s growing assertiveness. India is part of the Quad alliance, with the U.S, Australia and Japan, that aims to counter Beijing’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific.

India’s foreign minister, Subrahmanyan Jaishankar, has reiterated on several forums that New Delhi’s relationship with Beijing cannot be normal without peace in the border areas“.

This military idiocy started under Bush senior. The Bushes had business connections with the Soviets and the Nazis:

Why was this person doing a degree at a US military academy? It can clearly be seen that this is written from a pro-India viewpoint! India isn’t shy about promoting its interests in the USA.

Excerpt below from:
by Brigadier Selva K. H. Johnson, SM, VSM Indian Army
Professor Glenn K. Cunningham Project Adviser
This SRP is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Strategic Studies Degree. The U.S. Army War College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools… The views expressed in this student academic research paper are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. and Indian Governments.

KICKLIGHTER IS EITHER AN IDIOT OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT STILL REQUIRES UNCOVERING. Kamala Harris’ Uncle Bala bragged about India fooling the US in 1998. Was he involved?:
In 1991 after the visit to India by Lieutenant General Claude M. Kicklighter, Commander, US Army Pacific Command, a major change was brought about in the bilateral relations. The Kicklighter proposals included service-to-service exchanges and expansion of a defense cooperation framework. However,the relationship still remained hostage to differences between the two sides over India’s quest for a minimal nuclear deterrent. The conduct of nuclear tests and the announcement of a program of weaponisation by India in May 1998 led to yet another low point in the relationship. The United States joined hands with China to rally the world against India and to call for a rollback of its nuclear program. The United States further went on to impose military, economic, scientific, and technological sanctions against India.

However, as brought out by Michael R. Kraig and James Henderson in the report of the 42nd Strategy for Peace Conference, the events of 1998 validated the dissenting opinion that “pursuing ambitious nonproliferation goals without a full appreciation of regional interests and dynamics has not worked, as both India and Pakistan have demonstrated an ability to resist outside pressures perceived as inimical to their vital interests.”12

The commencement of a series of intense discussions between the two sides at the level of Indian Foreign Ministers over the next two years resulted in a slow normalization of the relationship. During the Kargil conflict of 1999 between India and Pakistan, Indians viewed President Clinton’s role in persuading Pakistan to withdraw its troops from the Indian portion of Kashmir as an important milestone since the American President appeared to have acknowledged the justice of India’s Kashmir stance.13

President Clinton’s Visit – A Turning Point

The visit to India by President Bill Clinton in March 2000 can be described as the first major post cold war turning point in India-US relations. This visit, the first by a US President to India in almost 22 years,14 marked a major change in US policy. “Whether it was a consequence of a tacit acknowledgement by the US of India’s ‘unofficial’ nuclear status, its economic reforms, its acceptance as a preeminent regional power and a source of stability in the Indian Ocean region, or a reflection of a changed mind set of decision makers on both sides in a post-cold war environment,” an Indian analyst has observed, “the fact remains that these developments could not have been foreseen by any observer in 1998.”15 Further, the US admitted its neglect of India and expressed willingness to end the situation wherein the entire relationship was held hostage to differences on the nuclear question. Finally, by President Clinton’s undertaking a five day visit to India and only a transit halt of a few hours in Pakistan, the United States made it clear that its priority within South Asia would be relations with India.

Bush Administration – Making A ‘Fundamental Difference’

The Bush Administration took office with a determination to make a fundamental difference in its relations with India.16 It was in this context of rapidly improving India-US relations that the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. Pakistan, under US pressure, was forced to give up its policy of support for the Taliban and join the global coalition against terrorism. US action in Afghanistan resulted in the destruction of Al-Qaeda terrorist training camps. Two Pakistan based terrorist organizations, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, identified by India as responsible for the attack on the Indian Parliament, were placed on the list of terrorist organizations by the US Government. On 12 January 2002, following intense diplomacy by the US, President Musharraf delivered a landmark speech calling for change within Pakistan. He called for an end to militancy and said no organization within Pakistan would be allowed to engage in terrorism.

Though Pakistan is yet to deliver on these promises, a review of India-US relations in the context of the above events indicates that despite the US reengagement with Pakistan, the post-September 11 scenario provided a new strategic attraction to bring India and the United States closer than ever before. The US clearly demonstrated its ability to make Pakistan turn against the Taliban and also retains the ability to make Pakistan comply on its promises of putting an end to cross border terrorism against India.

The strength of India-US partnership can be judged by its ability to tide over differences. Despite India’s inability to send troops to Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration was understanding and appreciative of India’s domestic constraints, and there were no ostensible adverse impacts on India-US defense ties. Nevertheless the disjuncture demonstrated that India’s domestic political constraints might produce outcomes that run counter to US expectations.17…https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA469660.pdf