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It’s fun to mess with Russia and make them paranoid, but let’s give the Russian resistance credit for a change!

Soviet World War 2 poster. Translation: Glory to the partisans who destroy the enemy rearhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistance_during_World_War_II#/media/File:Ussr0460.jpg

Engels is the main operating base of Russia’s Long Range Aviation (LA) within western Russia and is home to more than 30 heavy bombers. These aircraft contribute to Russia’s nuclear deterrent and have also frequently been used to launch conventional cruise missiles at Ukraine.” https://twitter.com/DefenceHQ/status/1600022089104334850

Dmitri @wartranslated “An unexplained incident occurred this morning at the Engels military aerodrome in Saratov Oblast, Russia. It is believed the aerodrome held two regiments of Russian strategic bombers – part of Russian nuclear deterrence forces”. Video here: https://twitter.com/wartranslated/status/1599699005835186176

Another explosion at the Kursk base, this morning, December 6th:
Screen grab from video, which can be seen here: https://t.me/andriyshTime/4813

Did Bavovnyatko (cotton ball) strike again? Bavovnyatko is a “ghost animal” Ukraine MoD.

Le Chant des Partisans”- Song of the Partisans (WWII-maquis) https://youtu.be/HLib4lIbdks
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chant_des_Partisans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Marly

UK “Defence Intelligence
06 December 2022
On 05 December 2022, multiple open sources reported explosions at Engels Airbase, in Russia’s Saratov Oblast, and at Dyagilyaevo airfield near Ryazan, south-east of Moscow.

Two Tu-95 BEAR heavy bombers were reportedly damaged at Engels and three people were killed when a fuel tank exploded at Dyagilyaevo.

The causes of the explosions have not been confirmed. However, if Russia assesses the incidents were deliberate attacks, it will probably consider them as some of the most strategically significant failures of force protection since its invasion of Ukraine. The sites are much deeper inside Russia than previous similar explosions: Engels is over 600km from Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Engels is the main operating base of Russia’s Long Range Aviation (LA) within western Russia and is home to more than 30 heavy bombers. These aircraft contribute to Russia’s nuclear deterrent and have also frequently been used to launch conventional cruise missiles at Ukraine. The LA is likely to respond by temporarily moving bombers to dispersal airfields. The Russian chain of command will probably seek to identify and impose severe sanctions on Russian officers deemed responsible for allowing the incident. intelligence updatehttps://twitter.com/DefenceHQ/status/1600022089104334850

Dmitri @wartranslated “Russian military researcher explains that such a tight arrangement of strategic bombers at airbases is due to a lack of expenditure in this type of weaponry, and only a few airbases are ready to take them”:

why all Russian heavy bombers are literally concentrated on a couple of airfields – the problem is that they have an absolute lack of any basic knowledge, and the simplest facts about their own country and its armed forces.

So, why did everything happen with the Engels airbase exactly the way it happened? The answer is simple and prosaic – there are no more airfields in the Russian Federation, which infrastructure would be suitable for servicing aircraft of this class on a regular basis. There are a number of airfields capable of receiving strategic bombers for refueling, but not ensuring their operation for a long time – therefore it is physically impossible to disperse the aircraft.

Pre-flight service, for example, of Tu-160 takes a total of several days, requires a large number of qualified personnel and specialized equipment. In Soviet times, this did not cause great difficulties, but that has been long and irretrievably gone, and for modern Russia, the mass organization of such processes is too complicated and expensive.

Moreover, it was never planned to invest resources in expanding the infrastructure of strategic aviation due to the complete lack of expediency. Russian strategic aviation is primarily an element of prestige – it has not been a full-fledged military tool for a long time.

This is a set of deeply obsolete aircraft and no less obsolete aviation weapons, created for doctrines and tasks, the implementation of which has been impossible for more than 30 years, both for a number of objective reasons (I’ll give you a hint – the trend towards stealth in aviation of this class appeared for a reason).

For exactly the same reason, the tasks of delivering strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure were delegated specifically to strategic bombers (although initially they were carried out mainly by the Navy): their resource will still be exhausted in the coming years, the stocks of old-type aviation cruise missiles are huge and unused, and for those “nuclear strikes against the strongholds of Western imperialism” adored by the patriotic public, they are completely unsuitablehttps://twitter.com/wartranslated/status/1599874411431366656

They are obsolete because of (invisible) stealth bombers. The US just unveiled a 6th generation Stealth B-21 Raider bomber. Santa Knows Putin’s Been Very Naughty.

Don’t know who Zhivov is, but appears to be blah, blah, blah, given the above info. Dmitri @wartranslated: “Zhivov believes the attack gives Russia a legitimate reason for a nuclear strikehttps://twitter.com/wartranslated/status/1599705880177430529

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