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Hopefully this will make a difference and it’s a wonderful start. More Spanish speaking people need to step up and help counter Russia’s influence in Latin America, and among Spanish-speakers in the USA. In the USA, hispanic-Americans are 3 times more likely to support Russia than non-hispanic whites. See YouGov survey: https://docs.cdn.yougov.com/h45mt3xoby/econTabReport.pdf#page=16 This is a long-term trend, as is the huge growth in the hispanic population of the USA: https://today.yougov.com/topics/travel/trackers/friend-enemy-russia?crossBreak=hispanic There’s also a generational and educational problem, within the USA, but it’s not as pronounced as Spanish language-region of origin (i.e. “hispanic”).

Miss World Colombia, Camila Pinzon, didn’t need a survey to recognize the need for education:

Miss World Colombia 2022 tells us about spreading Ukraine’s message worldwide kk/kb 01.12.2022, 21:40, TVP World
Famous people around the world are using their platforms to generate support for Ukraine amid the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s war.

Today, we were joined by Camila Pinzon, Miss World Colombia 2022, to talk about the role of people with large audiences in spreading the message about Ukraine’s urgent need for aid.
source: TVP WORLD

Interview at the above tvpworld.com link, as well as on YouTube (at 22 minutes 30 seconds): https://youtu.be/Drayzfaz_74

Excerpt from interview:
Camila Pinzon, Miss World Colombia: “So I think the crisis that you are facing that the world is facing right now is very important. So there are two missions that I have during this trip. First is create awareness of this problem. Because, it touches a lot of European countries but in South America we’re aware of it but not to the extent that it deserves.

So, I want to create the most awareness possible in all the Latin American countries. And I also came here to volunteer to help especially children in their schools and to give them a message hope.”

TVP News: “So your mission is also to take the information from here your experience and take it back to to South America, Right?

Camila Pinzon: “Exactly because this is a historic thing so I want them to be aware that there’s a lot of help needed…” See the interview here or at the YouTube Link, above. https://tvpworld.com/64857063/miss-world-colombia-2022-tells-us-about-spreading-ukraines-message-worldwide

Camila Pinzon is from Boyacá, “known as “The Land of Freedom” because this region was the scene of a series of battles which led to Colombia’s independence from Spain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boyacá_Department She graduated from the Sorbonne and studied at Cambridge, as well: https://boyaca7dias.com.co/2022/08/21/camila-andrea-pinzon-jimenez-la-miss-mundo-colombia-2022-es-boyacense/


Not only is there TeleSur distorting the situation in Ukraine, but the Spanish version of Vatican News appears to have a pro-Russian propagandist. The Spanish version of Vatican news emphasizes the positive things that the Pope said about Russia (see below), whereas the English version excludes his apparent pandering to Putin: https://web.archive.org/web/20221128142129/https://www.vaticannews.va/es/papa/news/2022-11/papa-francisco-entrevista-america-magazine-revista-jesuita.html

Pope Francis’ remarks on Ukraine:

Forced to Admit that the Russian State Invaded Ukraine, Pope Francis Blames the Poor Indigenous Peoples of Russia Conscripted by Putin for Atrocities in Ukraine

Some people become wise at a young age, and some people never become wise.