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Martin Luther King stressed the importance of the individual – that every individual matters to God. This is very different from the communist view of society as an anthill, where the individual doesn’t matter. Warnock is an apparent fan of Castro masquerading as a follower of M.L King and of Christ.

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This is the US Senate race for the US State of Georgia, and not the country of Georgia – where Stalin was born. Whatever Hershel Walker is or is not, he’s surely not an American hating communist, which Warnock seems to be. Watch the videos, especially the first. Seeing is believing. Warnock’s not an idealistic and confused young person, either. He was born in 1969. Recall that the Soviet Union was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and he’s old enough to remember it. Warnock also said (2011) that you can’t serve God and the military, which means that there would be no one to protect the United States from invasion. Yet Castro invoked Cuban troops in Africa, during his speech at Warnock’s church. Castro tried to give Cuban troops credit for ending Apartheid, rather than the sanctions which were imposed. Warnock was recently involved in a hostile divorce…

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