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Ukraine lights at night prior to Russia’s February assault on Ukraine, and after Russia’s latest missile attacks on Ukraine, are found below. The Govt. of India is partners with the Govt. of Russia in making BrahMos missiles (i.e. Brahman-Moscow missiles).

Notice that Russia’s ally, India, has more lights than some European countries. Cheap energy from Russia is keeping India’s lights on? India pretends to be a developing country, when it benefits them. A “developing country” doesn’t have this many night lights. Compare India to Africa, for instance, or some other surrounding countries.

India is supposed to be subject to secondary sanctions for its military work with Russia/military purchases from Russia, but they get by with murder, both metaphorically and literally.

NASA WorldView EarthData 6 Feb. 2022

NASA WorldView EarthData 24 Nov. 2022

NASA WorldView EarthData 24 Nov. 2022 zoom in to Ukraine

Media carefully hid the source of the images. They, and more, are found here: https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/

NASAMS didn’t arrive in Ukraine until November 7th! It doesn’t take 8 plus months to train to use them. It takes weeks. If they are safe to send now, then they were safer to send many months ago. In fact, if they had been sent prior to the start of Russia’s February invasion, then the invasion might have been stopped before it began! Certainly they could have stopped Russia from taking over the nuclear power station (ZNPP). Did Russophile-Russian appeaser Tony Blinken (Biden SoS) block the export, just like he gave NordStream a waiver from US Congressionally mandated sanctions? https://www.state.gov/about-us-office-of-export-control-cooperation/ Who will investigate him? If it’s not implicating Hunter Biden, the Republicans aren’t interested, it appears. https://web.archive.org/web/20221108135250/https://twitter.com/oleksiireznikov/status/1589571269363904512