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The gas leak at Nord Stream 2 seen from the Danish F-16 interceptor on Bornholm. Photo: Danish Defence

2014 Map of Nord Stream Baltic Pipe proposed routes Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Gas Plan; Nord Stream Crosses Baltic Pipe, Extranet.acer.europe.eu ENTSOG June 2014

Nord Stream pipeline is 51% owned by Russian government controlled Gazprom. Gazprom, itself is 50.2% owned by the Russian government. Nord Stream is 15.5% owned by German Wintershall DEA (67% owned by BASF; 33% owned by LetterOne); 15.5% owned by German E.On, 9% owned by NV Nederlandse Gasunie (100% owned by the Netherlands – government), and 9% owned by Engie, which is partly owned by the French government. https://web.archive.org/web/20220927050814/https://www.nord-stream.com/about-us/our-shareholders/ It would be interesting to know who insures it.

Photo gallery: https://coastguard-mediagallery.imagevault.se

Translated News Release from the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office:
The Prosecutor’s Office / News and press / Press releases / 2022 / October /
The blockades in the Baltic Sea have been lifted
The blockades in the Baltic Sea have been lifted
Published: 2022-10-06 12:35:00
Chamber prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist has decided to lift the blockades around Nord Stream 1 and 2. The crime scene investigation is now finished and the suspicion has been strengthened.

– We can confirm that there have been detonations at Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Swedish economic zone, which have caused extensive damage to the gas pipelines. The crime scene investigation has strengthened the suspicions of serious sabotage. Seizures have been made at the crime scene and these will now be investigated. There is pre-trial confidentiality and the case is very sensitive. The cooperation between the Prosecutor’s Office, the Security Police, the Coast Guard and the Armed Forces works very well. It is a serious incident and it is a message of strength that the authorities involved fulfill their respective tasks in the best possible way, says chamber prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist, who leads the preliminary investigation.

– With the support of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which is incorporated into Swedish legislation, Sweden has jurisdiction over a facility like the one that Nord Stream has built, in the section that is within the Swedish economic zone, says Mats Ljungqvist.

In this respect, the Swedish economic zone is legally an intermediary between Swedish territorial waters and the international sea. Within the economic zone, the so-called coastal state can temporarily limit the rights that exist in the international sea through, for example, protection zones.

– It has been a question of the cordoning off of a very limited area both in time and to the surface.

According to the Convention on the Law of the Sea, reasonableness and all relevant circumstances must be taken into account when interests are opposed to each other in the economic zone. It includes taking into account the importance that the interests concerned have, both for the respective parties and for the entire international community. Against that background, I gave directives to temporarily block and carry out a crime scene investigation, says Mats Ljungqvist.
The prosecutor does not have the opportunity to be available for questions from the media. When further information is available, it will be provided in a press release.
The Prosecutor’s Office’s press service, 010-562 50 20


Notes regarding ownership:

Engie https://web.archive.org/web/20220927050814/https://www.nord-stream.com/about-us/our-shareholders/



Regarding construction insurance, but who actually insures the thing?
“Worries over fresh sanctions led top European insurers AXA and Zurich and reinsurer Munich Re to pull out of insuring the construction this year…” https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/international/2021/12/02/644077.htm