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Explosions, Black Smoke Reported In Russian Air Base Area In Sevastopol“ 5.10.2022, 12:23

Local residents report fires in the city.

In Sevastopol, temporarily occupied by Russia, on October 5, explosions thundered and a fire broke out. The locals see black dense smoke in the northern side of the city.

The Crimean Wind Telegram channel writes about this. The authors of the channel suggest that another “bavovna” occurred in the Belbek airfield captured by the invaders. https://t.me/Crimeanwind/11292

“Again, something is burning with black smoke on the northern side of Sevastopol. Belbek airfield again? Let’s check it out,” the statement said.

Crimean Wind also published a photo showing smoke over Sevastopol. Presumably, the photo was made on October 5.” © 1998–2022 Хартыя’97 http://www.charter97.org (Warsaw Poland) https://charter97.org/en/news/2022/10/5/518591/

Did Bavovniatko (cotton ball) strike again?

It is fluffy and restless. At night, Bavovniatko quietly sneaks into the occupiers’ bases, storage points, air fields, oil refineries and other places filled with flammable goods, and begins to play with fire,” the [Ukrainian] Ministry of Defence wrote on Twitter”. https://twitter.com/DefenceU/status/1563547416648855552

Back before the “West” became fearful wusses, and when they allied with Turkey, they stopped Russia’s bullying tactics, which were undermining trade:
The city of Sevastopol was the home of the Tsar’s Black Sea Fleet, which threatened the Mediterranean…. Although defended heroically and at the cost of heavy Allied casualties, the fall of Sevastopol would lead to the Russian defeat in the Crimean War…”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Sevastopol_(1854–1855)

Russia today, and yesterday, acted in a manner similar to the Barbary pirates. The Treaty of Paris (1856) Reopened Black Sea for International Trade by Banning Russian Warships

The Treaty of Paris (1856) which ended the Crimean War between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the the Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia reopened the Black Sea to international trade by banning Russian warships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Paris_(1856) The UK and allies won the Crimean War against Russia, which people may not know due to the poem the Charge of the Light Brigade.

The Treaty of Paris of 1856 brought an end to the Crimean War between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia. The treaty, signed on 30 March 1856 at the Congress of Paris, made the Black Sea neutral territory, closing it to all warships and prohibiting fortifications and the presence of armaments on its shores. Russian warships were banned from sailing the Black Sea, which greatly decreased Russian influence over the Black Sea trade…

The treaty reopened the Black Sea for international trade to be safe and effectual after both the naval warfare of the Crimean War and the presence of Russian warships had made trade difficult, including many trade disputes.

The Treaty of Paris was influenced by the general public in France and Britain because the Crimean War, was one of the first wars in which the general public received relatively prompt media coverage of the events…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Paris_(1856)

Any nuclear weapons used by Russia in Ukraine will fall upon Russia, due to prevailing winds, especially at this time of year: “The United States has about 200 tactical nuclear gravity bombs with explosive yields adjustable between 0.3 and 170 kilotons. (The yield of the Hiroshima bomb was 15 kilotons.)…. Russia has nearly 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons with a broad range of yields, from very low to over 100 kilotons. These can be delivered by air, ship, and ground-based systems, some of which also deliver conventional weapons…. some of the missiles Russia has used against Ukraine can also carry nuclear warheads, increasing the potential for confusion.https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/tactical-nuclear-weapons

The winds there blow from the west.  So radiation from the use of a tactical nuclear weapons in eastern Ukraine is going to end up in Russia,” said former US Secretary of State Robert Gates. For that reason: “Gates says chances of Russia using chemical or nuclear weapons ‘pretty low” By Caitin McLean, 04/13/22 5:17 PM ET https://thehill.com/policy/international/3266833-gates-says-chances-of-russia-using-chemical-or-nuclear-weapons-pretty-low/

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence Reveals Mythical Creature Destroying Russian Military Bases

Pro-Russian Propagandists Undercut Their Own Arguments; Maryland Dates from 1632 & Crimea was NOT Russian; Russia Continues to Violate Multiple Treaties by Occupying Crimea

US Barbary Wars 1801-1805 & 1815-1816 & Freedom of Navigation on the Mediterranean