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This was two weeks after Russia’s operation Vostok, which was September 1-7.

District Seventeen – United States Coast Guard https://www.pacificarea.uscg.mil/Our-Organization/District-17/ (Names of countries added).

The US State of Alaska and the Russian mainland are around 57 miles apart. Alaskan and Russian islands in the Bering Strait are around 2.5 miles apart. Due to its history of imperialism, the Russian Federation occupies more land than any other country in the world. Russia is not only an active imperialist in Ukraine, but in Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere, as well.

Coast Guard Cutter Kimball encounters Russia and People’s Republic of China military naval presence in Bering Sea
U.S. Coast Guard sent this bulletin at 09/26/2022 02:31 PM EDT
JUNEAU, Alaska – The Coast Guard Cutter Kimball crew on a routine patrol in the Bering Sea encountered a People’s Republic of China Guided Missile Cruiser, Renhai CG 101, sailing approximately 75 nautical miles north of Kiska Island, Alaska, September 19, 2022.
The Kimball crew later identified two more Chinese naval vessels and four Russian naval vessels, including a Russian Federation Navy destroyer, all in a single formation with the Renhai as a combined surface action group operating in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). 
As a result, the Kimball crew is now operating under Operation Frontier Sentinel, a Seventeenth Coast Guard District operation designed to meet presence with presence when strategic competitors operate in and around U.S. waters.

The U.S Coast Guard’s presence strengthens the international rules-based order and promotes the conduct of operations in a manner that follows international norms.

While the surface action group was temporary in nature, and Kimball observed it disperse, the Kimball will continue to monitor activities in the U.S. EEZ to ensure the safety of U.S. vessels and international commerce in the area. A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak C-130 Hercules air crew provided support to the Kimball’s Operation Frontier Sentinel activities.    
In September 2021, Coast Guard cutters deployed to the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean also encountered Chinese naval vessels, including a surface action group transiting approximately 50 miles off the Aleutian Island chain. 
“While the formation has operated in accordance with international rules and norms,” said Rear Adm. Nathan Moore, Seventeenth Coast Guard District commander, “we will meet presence-with-presence to ensure there are no disruptions to U.S. interests in the maritime environment around Alaska.”
Kimball is a 418-foot legend-class national security cutter homeported in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Russia to launch major military drills with China and others: Vostok 2022 military manoeuvres will be held September 1-7 with forces from China, Syria, India, Nicaragua, and elsewhere”. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/8/29/russia-to-launch-military-drills-with-china