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The Reuben brothers are new owners of The Chesterfield Palm Beach. Other investments in Florida include JW Marriott Turnberry Resort & Spa. They gave $101 million to Oxford University through the Reuben Foundation. See this and more “Things to know about the Reuben brothers, new owners of The Chesterfield Palm Beach” By M.M. Cloutier Thu, September 1, 2022, The Palm Beach Post: https://archive.ph/vTYNz

Mining Awareness +

The Reuben brothers were born in India, into a Baghdadi Jewish family, and moved to the UK. The Reuben brothers became involved in the Russian metals market in the 1990s.

Kislin, a commodities broker, reportedly “helped the Reubens get a foothold in the natural resources industry” [1, 2] Cherney and Kislin had set up a company called TransCommodities, and by “1992, profits grew to over $300m and Cherney was approached by David and Simon Reuben, two British brothers who wanted to buy aluminium. Through a company called Transworld, Cherney and the Reubens began importing raw materials and exporting aluminium…” [2] Cherney and Kislin have both been accused of mob connections. [1,3] Kislin reportedly had KGB connections. [1] They also have connections familiar to students of Russiagate.

Sam Kislin, was recently subpoenaed by the US House Oversight (the late Elijah Cummings), Intel (Schiff), and Foreign Affairs (Engel)…

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