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Freedom is not given forever, it’s from our decisions, our work, our decision of whether we will keep it.” (Stefan Meissner, 1 August 2022)

Freedom is not given forever’: Warsaw Rising insurgent for TVP World
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Video: https://tvpworld.com/61599821/freedom-is-not-given-forever-warsaw-rising-insurgent-for-tvp-world
“Freedom is not given forever,” Stefan Meissner, an insurgent of the Warsaw Uprising, told TVP World on the 78th anniversary of this historic event.

As our guest points out, Poles today are very lucky to be living in a wholly free and democratic country. “Those are the values which you have to guard,” Mr Meissner stressed, asked to pass this message on to future generations.

“What is happening right now in Ukraine…

If we were not a part of united Europe and NATO, it could have easily happened in Poland,” he stated, emphasising the importance of the country’s membership and alliance with various international organisations.

 Learn more about our guest’s history and his role in the Warsaw Rising by watching the full interview above.
source: TVP WORLD
” Text and video and more: https://tvpworld.com/61599821/freedom-is-not-given-forever-warsaw-rising-insurgent-for-tvp-world

The Warsaw Uprising was the largest underground military operation in German-occupied Europe. On August 1 – 1944, around 40,000-50,000 insurgents took part in the fighting. 

Planned for lasting only several days, the uprising ended up lasting over two months. During the fighting in Warsaw, about 18,000 insurgents lost their lives and 25,000 were wounded. Losses among the civilian population were huge and amounted to approximately 180,000. 

After the Warsaw Uprising was finally crushed, about 500,000 surviving residents were forced to evacuate, and Warsaw was all but completely and systematically razed to the ground.” See more here: “Polish capital comes to standstill honouring Warsaw Rising” kk/kb 01.08.2022, 17:00 |updated: 19:24]” https://tvpworld.com/61597692/polish-capital-comes-to-standstill-honouring-warsaw-rising

You can watch the 8 minute Stefan Meissner interview on YouTube, as well as at the above TVP world link:

Link: https://youtu.be/IwFyPeBE2XU