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Institute of National Remembrance @ipngovpl_eng The opening of the exhibition “Warsaw-Mariupol-cities of ruins, cities of struggle, cities of hope” took place in Warsaw today. President @AndrzejDuda was one of the first to visit the exhibition. The Deputy Head of the IPN, K. Polejowski attended the opening of the exhibitionhttps://twitter.com/ipngovpl_eng/status/1554107747205091332

On the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising on Monday (01/08/22), Andrzej Duda compared the fate of the Polish capital during the Second World War and Ukrainian Mariupol during the full-scale invasion of Russia.

The president of Poland made such a comparison during the opening of the exhibition “Warsaw-Mariupol – cities of ruins, cities of struggle, cities of hope” in the Polish capital.

“What happened here, in Warsaw, during the Second World War, when battles were fought here, and the Germans mercilessly killed the civilians of the capital, and, unfortunately, the Russian aggression against Ukraine today are equally cruel,” said Duda.

He noted the similarity between the photos of Warsaw during the uprising of August 1944 and the current Mariupol, destroyed by Russian aggression: “How similar are these images, how similar is the brutality of those who kill, destroy, destroy the lives of innocent people.”
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