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On Monday June 27, 2022, Russia used supersonic cruise missiles to destroy a shopping mall in the middle of Ukraine. It’s not even near the border. It’s also next to a medical centre, which could have been hit. At least 18 are dead as of Tuesday morning, June 28th, and 36 still missing. Emergency services and volunteers searched through the rubble all night, for the missing, and continue to do so.

Dmytro Lunin / Poltava Regional State Administration-State Emergency Service of Ukraine See original and individual pictures here: t.me/DMYTROLUNIN/2739

Map from Wikipedia (Creative Commons).

According to Dmytro Lunin, Poltava Regional State Administration, as of 12:34 pm, January 28, 2022, more than 60% of the rubble of the destroyed shopping center in Kremenchuk has been dismantled. See: https://t.me/DMYTROLUNIN

Dmytro Lunin / Poltava Regional State Administration, 8.44 am, June 28, 2022:
“The dismantling of the Amstor shopping mall in Kremechuk is underway. More than a thousand people worked all night on the ruins – rescuers, police, medics and volunteers. I am grateful to all those who do their work tirelessly and to those who help.

Unfortunately, as of now, 18 people have been killed in the Russian strike. Another 36 people are missing. We continue the search. The victims are provided with all necessary assistance”. See: https://t.me/s/DMYTROLUNIN

Dmytro Lunin / Poltava Regional State Administration, 6.50 am, June 28, 2022
“18 victims… Sincere condolences to family and friends. Rescuers continue to work.” See: https://t.me/s/DMYTROLUNIN

🇺🇦 Dmitry Lunin / Poltava Regional State Administration:
“Now 15 people are known to be killed” 12.37 am June 28, 2022.
“The most tragic day for Poltava region for all more than four months of war. the Russian aggressor turned the largest Amstor shopping mall in Kremenchuk into ruins.

We will never forget this day. And we will not forgive our enemies. They are awaiting trial for all war crimes. This tragedy should strengthen and unite us around one goal – Victory. 12.24 am June 28, 2022 See: https://t.me/s/DMYTROLUNIN

Russian missiles hit shopping mall in Kremenchuk
27.06.2022 17:52 https://www.ukrinform.net

The Russian military have launched missile strikes on a shopping mall in the city of Kremenchuk, Poltava Region. Over 1,000 civilians were inside.

The relevant statement was made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Telegram, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. https://t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official/2255

“Russian occupiers launched missile strikes on a shopping mall with over 1,000 civilians inside. The shopping mall is on fire. Rescuers are extinguishing fire. It is impossible even to imagine the number of victims,” Zelensky wrote.

The President of Ukraine stressed that this facility posed no threat to the Russian army.
“No strategic value. Just the attempt of people to live a normal life, which angers the occupiers so much. Russia continues to displace its powerlessness on ordinary citizens. It is useless to hope for its adequacy and humanity,” Zelensky added.

Earlier, Kremenchuk Mayor Vitalii Maletskyi reported that the Russian missile hit a crowded place. mkhttps://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3516430-russian-missiles-hit-shopping-mall-in-kremenchuk.html

Death toll from missile strike on Kremenchuk rises to 13
27.06.2022 23:32 https://www.ukrinform.net/
The death toll from a Russian missile strike on the Amstor shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Poltava region, has grown to 13.

Dmytro Lunin, head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration, said this in a Telegram post, Ukrinform reports. https://t.me/DMYTROLUNIN/2716

“️Thirteen people have been killed by a missile attack on Kremenchuk,” the statement said.

On June 27, at 15:50, Russian forces fired two Kh-22 missiles at a Kremenchuk shopping mall. More than 1,000 civilians were inside at the time of the attack. At least 59 people were injured in the attack, and 25 of them were hospitalized. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3516660-death-toll-from-missile-strike-on-kremenchuk-rises-to-13.html

SES employees work in Kremenchuk after Russian missile strike, June 27, 2022,Photo credit: State Emergency Service of Ukraine, via Ukraine Mil https://mil.in.ua/en

Russia hit Kremenchuk with Kh-22 missiles launched from Tu-22 M3 long-rage bombers from the Russian Kursk region 27 June, 2022
Poltava region Ukraine War with Russia https://mil.in.ua/en
The Russian military forces hit with a missile Kremenchuk shopping mall in Poltava region.
As of 7:30 p.m., the Head of Poltava Regional Military Administration Dmytro Lunin has informed that 10 people were killed, 40 injured. https://t.me/DMYTROLUNIN/2707

He also informed that as of 7:56 p.m.21 people were hospitalized as a result of a missile strike on Kremenchuk. Another 29 provided with outpatient care (without hospitalization), including two children. https://t.me/DMYTROLUNIN/2708

(Video Link): https://youtu.be/S2P6cCyLVqw

Rescuers continue to battle the fire in the mall. The fire area includes 10,3 thousand square meters, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. https://t.me/dsns_telegram/7926

130 people, 23 units of equipment and a fire train of Ukrzaliznytsia are involved in the firefight.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi reacted to the missile strike. He noted that there are no strategic facilities near the shopping mall. https://t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official/2255

Law enforcement officers also work on the scene.

According to the Air Force Command, the invaders fired Kh-22 missiles at Kremenchuk. These missiles were launched from a Tu-22 M3 long-range bombers. https://www.facebook.com/kpszsu

The bombers took off from Shaykovka air base (Kaluga region in Russia), missiles launched from the Kursk region.

Kh-22 Burya is Soviet supersonic cruise long-range anti-ship missile. It is part of the K-22 aircraft missile system. Intended for the destruction of radar-contrast point and group targets.

The day before, the Air Force Command noted that the Kh-22, Oniks, and Iskander missiles are extremely difficult targets for current Ukrainian air defense systems. https://mil.in.ua/en/news/russia-resumes-iskander-launches-from-belarus-uses-tu-22m3-bombers-air-force-command/

After all, the speed of Oniks and Kh-22 missiles is over 3,000 km per hour. Iskander missiles fly on a ballistic trajectory. Their defeat is an unusual and difficult task for the air defense facilities available in Ukraine.

As previously reported, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirmed that this week the transfer of air defense systems to Ukraine will happen. https://mil.in.ua/en/news/biden-s-adviser-confirms-information-on-upcoming-air-defense-systems-for-ukraine/. Сподобався матеріал? Підтримай незалежний проект – одна кава – 30 гривень – дозволять нам працювати для Вас!
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Missile strike on Kremenchuk: Death toll rises to 16
28.06.2022 06:12 https://www.ukrinform.net
The rubble is [being] cleared away and the fire is put out at the site of the Russian missile strike on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk town, Poltava region, in central Ukraine.

“Currently, it is known about 16 people killed and 59 injured, 25 of whom are hospitalized,” Head of the State Emergency Service Department in Poltava region Serhiy Kruk said, commenting on the search and rescue operations at the Amstor shopping mall, the SES posted on Telegram. https://t.me/dsns_telegram/7957

The information is being updated. All response teams work in an enhanced mode. Psychologists work at the scene, Kruk added.

As reported, at 15:50 on June 27, the Russians launched Kh-22 missiles on a shopping mall in the town of Kremenchuk with about 1,000 civilians inside. The area of the fire in the building reached 10,300 square meters. Earlier it was reported about 15 people killed. At least 59 people were injured, 25 of them were hospitalized.

Enemy strikes Kremenchuk, explosions heard in Poltava
27.06.2022 17:27 https://www.ukrinform.net
Russian troops have again struck the city of Kremenchuk, Poltava Region.

The relevant statement was made by Poltava Regional Military Administration Head Dmytro Lunin on Telegram, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. https://t.me/DMYTROLUNIN/2693

“Enemy projectiles have hit Kremenchuk. The further details later,” Lunin wrote.
In addition, Poltava Mayor Oleksandr Mamai reported on some explosions heard in the city of Poltava. https://t.me/oleksandrmamay/7540

A reminder that, since the Russian invasion started, the enemy has repeatedly fired missiles at Kremenchuk Oil Refinery. The combined heat and power plant was also damaged, and cannot be restored before the next heating season. Regional authorities are looking for a solution to resolve heating issues. mkhttps://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3516406-enemy-strikes-kremenchuk-explosions-heard-in-poltava.html