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Has Mississippi Congressman and US House Homeland Security Oversight Chair Bennie Thompson FINALLY figured out that he is supposed to represent Mississippi and NOT South Texas or MesoAmerica (Central America-Southern Mexico)? He had the unmitigated gall to caterwaul about the arrest of the illegal immigrants who took good paying jobs from both black and white Mississippians, he’s constantly complained about conditions for MesoAmerican kids at the border, but not a peep or tweet for his own people. He brought a couple of members of Congress who represent predominantly “hispanic” districts to Mississippi to complain about the raid. The only hispanic community that was broken up by the raid is illegal. Mississippi ain’t Texas yet, and it ain’t a border state; it ain’t near the border; there’s Louisiana and half of Texas between it and the border. It’s not good enough to complain about prison conditions when he doesn’t want Mississippians…

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