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Sentencing is today. The attacker is half Armenian and half Iranian. The recent Berlin car attack was by an Armenian. Weird coincidence, if really a coincidence.

Mining Awareness +

This seems to be the area of the van attack, where 10 were killed on Monday and more injured. Just a few strategically placed bollards would probably have stopped the attack, if it was this corner. More are required on other stretches. Yonge street is a very major artery crossing greater Toronto from North to South. People living there argue that it’s the longest street in the world. There are Metro-subway stations in the area. There is no sane reason that they couldn’t do something for pedestrian protection, such as strong bollards and/or objects which have the same effect. Bollards and hitching posts have been known to cause bruises to the unattentive, but it’s better than getting mowed down by a van, or living in fear of being mowed down. Pedestrian security is needed for vehicles sliding on ice, drunk drivers, etc, as well. Toronto’s got no architects or urban…

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