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When is anyone going to talk about and investigate January 6 and DHS Committee Chair Bennie Thompson’s connection to communists, including Castro, as well as to the segregationist-secessionist Republic of New Afrika, which arrived in Mississippi just as its public schools were finally being integrated in 1970?

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The first US Congressional Black Caucus delegation visited Cuba in February of 1999 and was led by Maxine Waters. The Congressional Black Caucus visited again in January, 2000, and again in May of 2000. The May 2000 delegation was led by James Clyburn (aka Biden’s Kingmaker), and included Bennie Thompson, who heads the January 6th Commission, and Gregory Meeks of New York. The 2009 delegation was led by California’s Barbara Lee, who was considered as Biden VP. Other members to visit were Melvin Luther Watt of North Carolina; Michael Makoto Honda of California; Laura Richardson of California; Bobby Rush of Illinois; Marcia L. Fudge of Ohio, who now serves in the Biden Administration; and Emanuel Cleaver II of Missouri. They visited Cuba’s Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Center. The press release, found below, dates from 2009, and doesn’t include any later visits. CBC appears to really stand for Congressional…

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