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Those who support this attack by Russia, whether through word or deed, will burn in hell for an eternity.

Azovstal on fire after bombardment. Enemy trying to assault steelworks with tanks https://www.ukrinform.net
11.05.2022 14:55
Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol is currently being attacked by Russian invaders with aircraft, artillery, and tanks. 

“Mariupol. Azovstal. Right now… Azovstal is being attacked not only from the sky and with artillery, but again with tanks and is tried to be assaulted with manpower. Azovstal is on fire again after bombardment,” Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to Mariupol mayor, posted on Telegram. https://t.me/andriyshTime/807

He noted that leader of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” Denis Pushilin said that he had his hands free as there were no civilians at Azovstal.

“I do not know what greater inhumanity in the attacks can be expected, but, given the statement, it is possible … If there is hell on earth, it is there. We all are deeply indebted to the Defenders of Mariupol,” the mayor’s adviser stressed.

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He published a video of enemy attacks on the Azovstal steelworks.

Mariupol experiences the biggest humanitarian catastrophe due to Russia’s aggression. On May 7, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk said that all women, children and the elderly had been evacuated from the Azovstal steelworks.

The Ukrainian military defends the territory of the steelworks, which is under constant attacks and assaults of Russians involving all kinds of weapons, including airplanes and naval artillery. Several hundred wounded Ukrainian servicemen stay in the Azovstal steelworks. There is an acute shortage of medicines. People are dying in agony.

According to President Zelensky, the Ukrainian authorities now work on diplomatic options to save the Ukrainian military defending the Azovstal.

Soldiers of the Azov Regiment, the National Guard, marines, and motorized riflemen continue to defend Mariupol.

There are still 100 civilians at Azovstal, as well, according to the video.
See: https://youtu.be/2WJUvF1TkUM
“Ukraine war: ‘Capture means death to us’, says Azov Brigade officer in Mariupol”:
Published on May 10, 2022
Lieutenant Ilya Samoilenko of the Azov Brigade speaks to Sky News from beneath the Azovstal steel plant. He says that his unit cannot surrender as his unit is classified as a terrorist group in Russia, and that “every day may be our last”.
Lt Samoilenko said that his life did not matter, and that there would be catastrophic consequences for Ukraine if the war is lost.
The Russia military had committed war crimes in Mariupol and would not want to keep his units alive, he said.” See video interview: https://youtu.be/2WJUvF1TkUM

“Man of iron will with a titanium prosthesis: a biography of Ilya Samoilenko from Azov” By Victoria Girko, film editor, correspondent, Ukraine May, 10 at 10:40
“- My desire to fight is to understand myself as a citizen. As in ancient Greece: do you want to be a citizen? Welcome to military service. In 2015, I finally decided – I’m going…

Samoilenko studied at the Faculty of History of Kyiv University. He dreams of completing his studies after the war….

Ilya Samoilenko explained that even after such a serious injury he did not resign because he did not achieve the goals he set for himself when he came to Azov – to end the war.

Today Samoilenko, like all Azov fighters defending Mariupol, are real heroes… Read the article here: https://fakty.com.ua/ua/ukraine/20220510-lyudyna-zaliznoyi-voli-z-tytanovym-protezom-biografiya-illi-samojlenka-z-azovu/