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US Sen. Blackburn: I Am Concerned About DHS Policing The Speech, Thoughts, & Opinions Of Americans Published on Feb 15, 2022 Senator Marsha Blackburn spoke on the Senate floor about the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to control online speech https://youtu.be/kqV5KehGZtA
Excerpt from speech:
I am referring to the Homeland Security memo that is summarizing the current terror threat to the United States. If you have not read this, you will not believe your eyes…
What makes it so uniquely infuriating is the ease with which DHS used an official document to equate violent terrorists with Americans who refuse to fall in line with the Biden administration’s narrative of the day…. just laying out their case of threat assessments to the United States. Alongside descriptions of actual violence and threats against churches and schools, DHS warns of “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or…

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