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Not only is Odessa in the west and near NATO countries, but both pre-and post-invasion Russian propaganda suggests that Russia may use an attack upon Odessa as cover to unleash a bioweapon. Among other things, Russia maintains smallpox virus, possibly weaponized, at its VECTOR lab.

Approximately 20 Russian Navy vessels are currently in the Black Sea operational zone, including submarines.

The Bosporus Strait remains closed to all non-Turkish warships, rendering Russia unable to replace its lost cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea.

Despite the embarrassing losses of the landing ship Saratov and cruiser Moskva, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet retains the ability to strike Ukrainian and coastal targets. https://twitter.com/DefenceHQ/status/1519542694200188928

From the Warsaw Institute:
Russian Invasion Of Ukraine: Fears Of Attack On Odessa
Date: 27 April 2022 Author: Grzegorz Kuczyński
As Russia stepped up its artillery and rocket attacks on cities in southern Ukraine and massed its forces, many reports are that Russian forces are seeking to take Odesa. At the same time, Moscow could order an offensive along the right flank by striking an area stretching from Zaporizhia to Kryvyi Rih.

The front line in southern Ukraine stabilized some two or three weeks ago. Russian forces have seized almost the whole region of Kherson although Ukrainian troops recaptured an area in the north, on the western bank of the Dnipro river. Indeed, the city of Kherson fell into the hands of Russian troops who can stage an attack northwest, to fire Mykolaiv, from its suburbs.

Russia seized two-thirds of the Zaporizhia region and it now occupies the southern city of Melitopol. From there, Russian forces can advance on to the north, towards the city of Zaporizhia.

Russia could be preparing a mass-scale offensive in this part of Ukraine to seize Ukraine’s entire south coast. That means taking not just coastal cities Mykolaiv and Odesa but cutting Ukraine off sea access.

To capture Odesa, Russian forces need to seize Mykolaiv or at least encircle it to disable any threat to the rear troops seeking to besiege Odesa. The mayor of Mykolaiv has declared the city authorities are preparing for a Russian attack as Russia had amassed troops in the Kherson region.

A large convoy of Russian military hardware is moving from Crimea’s Simferopol towards the Kherson region, according to the Ukrainian authorities. In Kherson, Russians are removing any traces of the Ukrainian regional administration.

The authorities in Kyiv warn Russia could pose a serious maritime threat. Some twenty vessels and submarines carrying cruise missiles were dispatched west of Crimea. Russia could fire cruise missiles to target Odesa at a “safe” distance while the Black Sea Fleet could avoid more losses––as when its flagship vessel Moskva was struck with a Neptun cruise missile in mid-April.

There is widespread fear of a Russian attack in Kryvyi Rih, a city north of Kherson and Mykolaiv. Russian forces have massed much equipment and many troops along the front line in an attempt to march towards Zaporizhia. The city recently came under heavy fire.

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Enemy drone downed over Odesa
28.04.2022 02:40 https://www.ukrinform.net
Ukrainian military shot down a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle over a southern Black Sea port city of Odesa. The report was posted on Telegram by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, according to Ukrinform.  http://t.me/spravdi/6615
“An enemy UAV was shot down over Odesa. This was reported by Operational Command South,” reads the report.
Read also: Bridge over Dniester Estuary in Odesa Region again hit with Russian missiles https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3468586-bridge-over-bilhoroddnistrovskyi-estuary-in-odesa-region-again-hit-with-russian-missiles.html
As Ukrinform reported earlier, on April 27, Ukrainian defenders successfully repulsed six enemy attacks and destroyed five main battle tanks s in the Joint Forces Operation zone in Donbas. Between February 24 and April 27, Russia’s death toll in Ukraine reached about 22,400.

Russia has developed weaponized viruses, such as the first chimera virus made from inserting DNA from (VEE) virus into vaccinia virus (almost identical to the smallpox virus). Russian chimeras of VEE, Ebola, and Marburg genes inserted into the actual smallpox virus were already in the research phase in 1991. Russia has smallpox at its VECTOR lab. Do they have weaponized versions? Is it one of these virus mixes? VEE is mosquito born but birds and rodents are primary reservoirs. We don’t know what Russia has, but Russia knows what Odessa has, since their BSL 3 lab was operating under a pro-Russian President who fled to Russia. While this would facilitate a false flag, if they are bomb the Odessa lab, whatever’s there could go airborne. The Odessa lab dates from 1886. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2022/02/27/russia-vector-lab-has-smallpox-ebola-anthrax-etc-2019-lab-explosion-accident/ https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2022/02/27/russia-bioweapons-program-soviet-and-post-soviet/Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), western equine encephalitis (WEE) and Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) are caused by Alphaviruses. Birds and rodents are the primary reservoirs, but unvaccinated horses are particularly susceptible and often serve as sentinels. These diseases are zoonotic, infecting humans, and are a public health concern.”USDA APHIS | Equine Encephalitis (EEE/WEE/VEE)
Retrospectively, the Lassa virus outbreaks in the UK may have been a Russian test run. A few Americans, who now appear to be possible Kremlin operatives, started making noise about hemorragic fever shortly before the Lassa outbreaks. Putin, by the way, is pro-coronavirus vaccine. See his 2021 World Economic Forum speech: https://archive.ph/3BNLd
Putin may already have made a vaccine to sell, if Russia releases a bioweapon. Russia makes lots money from vaccines. They may be behind Covid-19, especially since they approved a vaccine so early.

Russia Trying to Make Stink at UN over Historic Odessa Anti-Plague Research Institute from 1886 & its BSL-3 Upgrade Opened & Given Pathogen Permit Under Pro-Russian Ukrainian President Yanukovych, who Lives in Russia

Russia Vector Lab has Smallpox, Ebola, Anthrax, etc.; 2019 Lab Explosion-Accident

Russia BioWeapons Program – Soviet and Post-Soviet

UK Defence Intel update 28 April 2022: https://twitter.com/DefenceHQ/status/1519542694200188928
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