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While Poland was working to cut itself off from dependence on Russia, Germany (Uniper, Wintershall, E.ON), France (Engie), Austria (OMV) and UK based Royal Dutch Shell were increasing their ties by funding Nord Stream 2: “In June 2015, an agreement to build Nord Stream 2 was signed between Gazprom, Royal Dutch Shell, E.ON, OMV, and Engie.[15] As the creation of a joint venture was blocked by Poland, on 24 April 2017, Uniper, Wintershall, Engie, OMV and Royal Dutch Shell signed a financing agreement with Nord Stream 2 AG“. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nord_Stream_2 Engie, formerly GDF-Suez, is partially French government owned.

Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland @PremierRP_en
During a visit to Berlin, PM @MorawieckiM gave an interview for@BILD on energy security and sanctions against Russia.
“Russia will not stop the invasion unless we defend ourselves.
Russia wants war.
Putin wants to recreate the Soviet empire.
The idea of ‘change through trade’ has not changed this pattern for decades. It was not a good policy

“We will not be blackmailed”: In BILD, Prime Minister Morawiecki called for tariffs on gas and oil imports and sanctions against third countries that buy Putin’s blood oil.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (53) is determined to defy Russia’s cutting off natural gas. On Tuesday evening, the Russian energy company Gazprom announced it was cutting delivery to Poland and Bulgaria, which caused a significant jump in prices on the gas markets.

In an exclusive BILD interview, the Polish head of government said that the attempt at blackmail will come to nothing. Poland is prepared and has built a liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal to compensate for loss of Russian gas. Poland’s Baltic pipeline for gas from Norway is also almost complete. Russia’s gas contract with Poland expires this year anyway. Poland has also filled up its gas storage facilities.

Morawiecki’s clear message to Putin: “We will not be blackmailed! And we will not pay rubles for Russian gas either.”

In the BILD interview, Prime Minister Morawiecki is called for “more determination from Europe” in order to become less dependent on Russian energy supplies.

An embargo alone is not enough,” said Morawiecki: “We must also prevent Putin from selling his blood oil at discounts to other countries, for example to India. In the dispute with Iran, we effectively implemented massive sanctions for such third countries as well.”

Morawiecki did not name specific states. But one thing is clear: India would definitely be on the EU sanctions list because it has already signed oil deals with Russia.

In BILD, the Polish Prime Minister also calls for EU punitive tariffs on Russian imports.

“Poland will submit an application to the European Commission to impose EU tariffs of 25 to 35 percent on Russian oil, gas and coal,” Morawiecki announced. “Those who adhere to the embargo have to pay for more expensive liquid gas or oil from other sources. It’s only fair if Russian energy imports become significantly more expensive.” Read the BILD article-interview here: “Wir lassen uns nicht erpressen“ Premier Morawiecki fordert in BILD Zölle auf Gas- und Öl-Importe und Sanktionen gegen Drittstaaten, die Putins Blutöl kaufen” von: HANS-JÖRG VEHLEWALD veröffentlicht am 27.04.2022 – 13:44 Uhr https://web.archive.org/web/20220427133648/https://www.bild.de/politik/ausland/politik-ausland/polen-trotzt-putins-gas-embargo-wir-lassen-uns-nicht-erpressen-79898664.bild.html