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Dugin’s been called “Putin’s brain” and is connected to French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN), previously the Front National(FN). Dugin appears to be the ideologue behind Archbishop Vigano’s Moscow-centric world view; and has said that Russia should invade Europe, conquer it, and annex it. If Marine Le Pen wins the French Presidency next Sunday, Russia could really invade Europe, taking control of Europe’s only independent nuclear weapons state. Le Pen’s party still owes millions to Russia. Their loan was transferred to a Russian military company: “Le Pen’s far-right party reaches settlement on Russian bank debt: court” Reuters, June 8, 2020 https://web.archive.org/web/20220203203757/https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-france-politics-idUKKBN23F1AH

Putin’s Russia wants all Christians under their control. The Russian Orthodox Church functions as social control and the confessional makes priests the ultimate spies and agents of social control. Russia’s prosecuted a lot of Baptist missionaries, because of their independence and love of mission work, but also Catholics, Methodists, etc.: “RUSSIA: 142 known “anti-missionary” prosecutions in 2019-20…First Catholic and Methodist prosecutions: In another potential shift, 2019 and the first half of 2020 also saw the first prosecutions known to Forum 18 of Catholics and Methodists under Article 5.26, Part 4 or 5 (Catholic and Methodist churches have already faced prosecution under Article 5.26, Part 3)…” See: https://www.forum18.org/archive.php?article_id=2593

Spécial investigation” obtained a hundred or so emails of Alexander Dugin, Kremlin ideologue, proving that his most important relay in France to infiltrate the European parliament was an advisor to Marine Le Pen (2016). The video clip, at tweet below, features an April 12th, 2013 interview with Aleksandr Dugin saying that Russia should invade Europe, conquer it, and annex it. He says that their communist parties were doing a good job infiltrating the European parliament. Marc Gral @MarcGral: “Spécial investigation s’était procuré une centaine de mails d’Alexandre Douguine, l’idéologue du Kremlin, prouvant que son relais le plus important en France pour infiltrer le Parlement européen était le conseiller de Marine Le Pen (2016) https://twitter.com/MarcGral/status/1514545520202690568

Question: “Are there any elements in the Polish tradition that you find attractive?
Dugin: “I am much closer to the Slavic-Eurasian sources of Polishness, their ethnic and even pagan elements. I am attracted to certain eastern or oriental elements, minority culture. I think that the best thing in Polish history is the Jewish tradition in small towns in eastern Poland. Actually, I am interested in everything that was anti-Catholic in Poland: Polish freemasons and occultists, Jan Potocki and Hoene-Wroński, Mienżyński and Dzerzhinsky … They all chose the Eurasian path….

We Russians and Germans understand in terms of expansion and we will never reason otherwise.

We are not simply interested in preserving our own state or nation. We are interested in absorbing, through the pressure we exert, the maximum number of categories that complement us. We are not interested in colonizing like the English, but in drawing our strategic geopolitical boundaries without even special Russification, although there should be some Russification.

Russia, in its geopolitical and sacred-geographic development, is not interested in the existence of an independent Polish state in any form. It is also not interested in the existence of Ukraine. Not because we don’t like Poles or Ukrainians, but because these are the laws of sacred geography and geopolitics. 

Poland has to choose: either a Slavic or a Catholic identity. I understand it’s hard to separate one from the other, but it’s inevitable…

Question: “In a word, from your point of view, all anti-Catholic activities in Poland are beneficial?

Dugin: “Exactly. You have to break Catholicism from the inside, strengthen Polish Freemasonry, support decaying secular movements, promote heterodox and anti-papal Christianity.

Catholicism cannot be absorbed into our tradition unless it is deeply reoriented in a nationalist and anti-papal direction

Question: “What you say reminds me of what I read recently about Russian Christianity. Some historians of religion believe that Russia was never completely Christianized, that Christianity was adopted very superficially, and pagan beliefs and customs were still alive among the majority of the common people…” https://www.fronda.pl/a/aleksander-dugin-czekam-na-iwana-groznego,45653.html

One reason that Dugin, et al., hate Roman Catholicism is the role it played in liberating Poland from Communism and its potential for fighting dictators like Putin..

Role of the Catholic Church in Resisting Communist Rule in Poland”https://blogs.bu.edu/guidedhistory/law-and-religion/bartek-b/

Is Archbishop Viganò Looking East?” MARCH 21, 2022
MICHAEL WARREN DAVIS https://www.crisismagazine.com/2022/is-archbishop-vigano-looking-east Note that Vigano hasn’t criticized Russia’s “abortion tainted” DNA viral vector vaccine (Sputnik V) but only the western ones. Vigano and Dugin participated in a conference together on May 30, 2021: “In diretta da Venezia- Simposio internazionale di filosofiahttps://youtu.be/BcFfHlYKkEM Vigano may be the Catholic clergyman who attended a far-right conference in Vienna, on May 31, 2014, which included Dugin and Marine Le Pen’s niece.