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I am Woman”, by Helen Reddy, was released as a single in 1972, 50 years ago. It was chosen as the UN’s theme song for International Women’s Year (1975). This is the original “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy, and not to be confused with the recent Emmy Meli song.

In a 2003 interview in Australia’s Sunday Magazine (published with the Sunday Herald Sun and Sunday Telegraph),[3] Helen Reddy explained: “I couldn’t find any songs that said what I thought being woman was about. I thought about all these strong women in my family who had gotten through the Depression and world wars and drunken, abusive husbands. But there was nothing in music that reflected that. The only songs were ‘I Feel Pretty’ or that dreadful song ‘Born A Woman’. (The 1966 hit by Sandy Posey had observed that if you’re born a woman “you’re born to be stepped on, lied to, cheated on and treated like dirt. I’m glad it happened that way”.) These are not exactly empowering lyrics. I certainly never thought of myself as a songwriter, but it came down to having to do it…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Woman

Helen Reddy – I Am Woman (Official Lyric Video)https://youtu.be/5WiED7UxcRw

Biden’s US Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Jackson, claimed that she can’t define woman during the US Senate Judiciary hearing, even though she was born in 1970, and was a child during International Women’s Year (1975) and the United Nations Decade for Women (1976-1985). https://www.un.org/en/conferences/women/mexico-city1975 Helen Reddy’s song “I am Woman” was chosen as the UN’s theme song for International Women’s Year. Helen Reddy was introduced as “now nominated for best pop vocal performance by, without any question, a female”, before singing “I am Woman”: https://youtu.be/br26Kj5C4T4 And, yet, Judge Jackson pretends that she can’t define woman, because she’s not a biologist? She didn’t take high school biology? Even fruit flies are female and male with xx and xy chromosomes!

Where the definition of woman matters is not just sports. It really matters in places like hospital rooms, prisons, nursing homes, women’s shelters, and public restrooms (toilets), where it’s dangerous to allow biological men to share women’s private spaces, simply because they claim to be women.

In 1913 they could define woman: “Wom”an (P), n.; pl. Women (#):
1. An adult female person; a grown-up female person, as distinguished from a man or a child; sometimes, any female person. 2. The female part of the human race; womankind. 3. A female attendant or servant
”. https://www.websters1913.com/words/Woman

Definition of Woman and Female and the Biological Basis

In the 1940s, 80 years ago, “To free men to fight, women on the homefront took jobs that were previously dominated by men, such as welders, mechanics and aircraft assembly workers.” https://www.defense.gov/News/Feature-Stories/story/Article/2128446/during-wwii-industries-transitioned-from-peacetime-to-wartime-production/

Women at work on bomber, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif. LOC.

USAF: These four female pilots leaving their ship, Pistol Packin’ Mama, at the four engine school at Lockbourne AAF, Ohio, are members of a group of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) who have been trained to ferry the B-17 Flying Fortresses. L to R are Frances Green, Margaret (Peg) Kirchner, Ann Waldner and Blanche Osborn

It is shameful that Judge Jackson, a woman, is complicit in the extreme sexism of trans ideology that is trying to erase women to the benefit of men who pretend that they are women. It’s impossible to get more sexist than erasing women. Dr. Richard Levine, who recently was given the title of “Woman of the Year” by USA Today, passed most of his life as a man, and with all of the benefits of being a man. He married a woman, had children, and became a medical doctor, at a time when there weren’t many women doctors. Then, at age 54, decided to declare himself a woman and renamed himself Rachel Levine.

Why Biden Health & Human Services Nominee Levine Is A Man Based On Socially Constructed “Gender” As Well As Biology-Genetics (Male); Did Dr. Levine Take His 37% Pay Cut When He Declared Himself A Woman?

This divisive push to erase women looks like Soviet style active measures, but could be coming from Iran. In the US, homosexual men have had a lot of financial and political clout for a very long time, but they frequently dislike “trans” individuals, because they like men and not men dressing as women. Nor do homosexual men tend to like women dressing as men. Most likely the trans push comes from Iran’s ally Russia, inspired by Iran, or from China. All three are notorious for their hate of women, though the real objective is to divide and destroy western society. In Iran, sex change allows the men to marry their men friends, rather than women. Tehran Iran is the “sex-change capital of the world. Dr Bahram Mir-Jalali, quoted in the article, below, seems to be the uncle of Pierre Omidyar, owner/funder of “The Intercept”. Pierre’s mother is Dr. Elah Mir-Djalali Omidyar. See: “A fatwa for freedom” by Robert Tait Wed 27 Jul 2005 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2005/jul/27/gayrights.iran Hormonal supplements used by “trans” individuals represent a permanent financial boon for the pharmaceutical industry. However, biological women were told to stop taking post-menopausal hormone replacement because of the increased risk of cancer. https://news.usc.edu/trojan-family/benefits-hormone-replacement-therapy-women-estrogen-usc According to the article, the hormone replacement conundrum may still remain: estrogen may be good for the heart. However, hormone replacement can cause estrogen-dependent cancers to grow more rapidly.

Please note, however, that increasingly, in western countries, men don’t have to undergo surgery or take hormone replacement therapy to declare themselves women. That sounds like pure divide and destroy active measures.