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The young man is right. Putin’s land grab makes no sense. Russia has the largest land area of any country but is only 9th in population. Russia is a dying people and Putin’s expediting their death, as well as trying to kill Ukraine.

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A captive Russian conscript says that their country treats them like cannon fodder
UATV is funded in whole or in part by the Ukrainian government.
Published on Mar 14, 2022
Vladislav was an alternative conscript from Russia, such regiments are not even in military service. Their task is to do some community work, not to serve in the army. But this does not stop the Russian government from sending these regiments to war with Ukraine. As the captive describes this process – their task was to act like cannon fodder, so other regiments could pass on with the aggression against Ukraine
.” https://youtu.be/6wExLrR6if0