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“Reds” Trailer 1981 https://youtu.be/Q03OMStz9JI

This really says it all about Mr. KGB Putin, Russia, and why Communists who visited Soviet Russia turned against it. Notice in the clip that the Soviet Russian propagandist rewrote John Reed’s speech from “class war” to “holy war” (jihad) for Muslim areas, over 100 years ago.

Reds was based on a true story. So Russia’s been instrumentalising Islamic Jihad for over 100 years, it seems. Putin’s used Chechen jihadi terrorists and, now Syrians.

Many Ukrainians still speak Russian, and can talk reason with the Russian soldiers. Putin doesn’t want the soldiers to be able to speak and understand. He just wants cold-hearted killers.

Syrian mercenaries: true or false? Kremlin tries to get its own Foreign Legion in war with Ukraine

UATV English
Published on Mar 13, 2022
Moscow circus on the march.
The Defense Minister Shoygu proudly reported that there are 16 thousand volunteers from the Middle East to join the war against Ukraine. Obviously talking about Syrians from Russia’s partner Assad’s army. Putin ordered to deploy them to Ukraine. 5 minutes later the Russian propaganda TV channel showed the video of Syrian Volunteers, happy to repeat the way of other 12000 pro-Putin occupiers
.” https://youtu.be/Droqj1k8fcE