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The Odessa Plague Institute in Ukraine, and the Pasteur Institute, have done research on animal diseases, such as plague and rabies, since ca 1896/1898 – for longer than the United States. The Pasteur Institute is in the very heart of Paris, France. The Odessa Plague Institute/BSL-3 is apparently in Odessa, as well.

So, the alt-media want Russia to bomb Paris, because when they bomb the Pasteur Institute a dangerous pathogen might go airborne and that means that the Pasteur Institute was really a bioweapons lab? This makes no sense at all. Yet, alt. media, left and right, appear to think it makes sense. Some in the same alt. media are whining that they are being censored, which is false, they are occupying the narrative with this stupidity to such an extent that people are apparently believing them.

Unless you are a follower of Mary Baker Eddy-Christian Science, then you should recognize that labs studying natural diseases, such as anthrax, shouldn’t be bombed and having anthrax stolen is also dangerous. If you are a follower of Mary Baker Eddy, then you shouldn’t be concerned with this whole issue of biological research vs. bioweapons anyway.

How anyone can think that it’s ok for Russia and many other countries to study anthrax, but it’s not ok for Ukraine, which has this lab since ca 1896, to do research on this, or anything else, is unfathomable. Additionally, Russia and the United States are the only two countries having smallpox and Russia did research on weaponizing it. Russia even worked on making a mutant of smallpox and Ebola and other crazy dangerous things.

Anthrax Outbreak Reported in Odessa
09 October 2018
UKRAINE – Dr Andrii Zhuk, First Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Production, has reported an outbreak of Anthrax in Odessa.
The outbreak initially started on 29 September and was confirmed on 3 October after a bacteriological examination was carried out at the Odessa Regional State Laboratory of State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection, after which an immediate notification was sent to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) on 5 October…

Russia Trying to Make Stink at UN over Historic Odessa Anti-Plague Research Institute from 1886 & its BSL-3 Upgrade Opened & Given Pathogen Permit Under Pro-Russian Ukrainian President Yanukovych, who Lives in Russia

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