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Sen. Johnson Votes Against Democrats Power Grab to Abolish Rules of the Senate January 19, 2022
WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) issued the following statement in opposition to the radical attempt by Senate Democrats to destroy Senate filibuster rules. 

“On April 7, 2017, 32 Democrat Senators signed a letter ‘to preserve existing rules, practices, and traditions’ regarding the filibuster. 27 are still serving in the Senate and one is now Vice President.

Democrats used the filibuster just last week to block sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. So why do Democrats now want to destroy the filibuster?

It’s not about preserving voting rights, those rights are well established and protected.

It’s because they want absolute power in the face of bad poll numbers and their own tax-and-spend policies.

Those policies are failing the American people causing record inflation, higher gas prices, rising crime, supply chain shortages, and empty grocery store shelves. It is up to the Senate to vote to protect our institutions and the voice of every American.

Tonight I voted to prevent a naked power grab by Democrats and maintain the tradition of the Senate that promotes comity and bipartisan action.”