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Apparently the “Covid Skeptics”, who were raided, call themselves “Free Saxons” (“Freie Sachsen”) on Telegram.

Does anyone else recall other Saxons who fought oppression with cross-bows and wanted to be Free Saxons? Robin Hood and his Merry Men!

And, yes, the Saxons of “Anglo-Saxon” Britain migrated from today’s German Saxony.

The German public media, Deutsche Welle, headline is more even-handed than Reuters’ polemical title.

Who knows if anyone made real threats or if the government’s just using this to criminalize dissent. However, everyone needs to be very careful with what they write and what they say. Everyone must police their own language to the best of their ability, so that nothing can be taken out of context.

Deutsche Welle Headline:
Germany: Police raid COVID skeptics over alleged assassination plot

Police in the eastern state of Saxony launched predawn raids over a potential plot to harm state Premier Michael Kretschmer among people opposed to COVID-19 restrictions. Some suspects claimed to have guns or crossbows….

The raids follow a report by the investigative TV show “Frontal” on public broadcaster ZDF, which found people opposed to COVID-19 restrictions and the vaccine rollout posting what appeared to be death threats against the premier

Police later said they found “crossbows, parts of weapons, and weapons” during the raids.

However, they said it was not yet clear if the weapons were capable of firing



Saxony’s vaccination campaign faces resistance: Death threats posted online and targeting Kretschmer were connected in large part with potential COVID-19 restrictions such as the possibility of mandatory vaccinations…https://www.dw.com/en/germany-police-raid-covid-skeptics-over-alleged-assassination-plot/a-60124553

Reuters polemical headline:
German police foil ‘anti-vaxxer murder plot’

Link: https://youtu.be/jv_TuBYm1BI

The German government promised state-sanctioned violence (forced vaccination); makes peaceful protest illegal and then wonder that they may get violent? If you make peaceful protest illegal then illegal is illegal, isn’t it?

The video pretends that the protesters are a small minority but by historical standards these are huge protests, though not like the protests seen in Australia. DW reports over 16,000 protesters and the police-media usually under-report protests.

Europe systematically deported or killed its dissidents and sent them to the US and Australia. So, one would expect protests to be bigger in Australia.

Growing protests against Germany’s COVID-19 response measures” | DW News https://youtu.be/X3sNh6Ia-WM
Summarized form the video summary: 2,000 people gathered in Mannheim. In Magdeburg 3500 protested and 2900 gathered in Rostock in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In Thuringia “6500 people protested at a total of 26 banned demonstrations”. 500 gathered in Gummersbach in North Rhine-Westphalia. “In Saxony, police cordonned off 100 people protesting in a supermarket parking lot, but let their march continue in the end, because it became impossible to distinguish between demonstrators and supermarket customers. In Dresden a little over 100 gathered to protest the Covid-19 protocol.

Apparently National Socialists are extreme left, because that’s who Germany’s acting like.:
COVID protests escalate in Germany
In Germany, protesters against COVID restrictions are teaming up with the far-right. The new government now plans to crack down on the messenger service they use: Telegram.


Does anyone recall an Australian named Errol Flynn who played a proud Saxon fighting for freedom in 1938?
The Adventures of Robin Hood Official Trailer #1https://youtu.be/BpqR6Ca-LL8

The Pope has been reported as happy to accuse various people of being Nazis, while apparently ignoring the real Nazis-Gestapo mit Stasi all over Europe and the western world. It’s been a normal thing to say Happy Holidays for a very long time, because there have always been different religious groups and it includes New Years: “Pope Francis compares EU to ‘Nazi Dictatorship’, row over Christmas greetings”: https://youtu.be/5T6BoowozIM Migrants have a home country, but indigenous Europeans don’t have another home. Refugees are supposed to stay in the nearest safe country so they can return home. Is Francis complaining about the lockdowns in Europe or the internment camps in Australia? Apparently not. “Pope Francis: Migrant camps near Europe are like Stalin’s and Nazi concentrationhttps://youtu.be/99B7ehskhmA His entire position is illogical. On the one hand, he claims that he wants to protect Christian and European culture, on the other hand, he supports turning Europe into a non-Christian, non-European continent through immigration. That contradiction is very clear in last year’s Encyclical. What good is “Merry Christmas” when Christians are locked in their homes, and immigration will make the continent non-Christian?


“What is Being Discussed Is Disgusting, Indecent and Criminal” – German Justice Minister Wants to Control COVID Discussion on Telegram (Video)