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A bipartisan group of Louisiana legislators voted to reject Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards’ Covid-19 vaccine rule for schools. John Bel Edwards has apparently promised to overturn their decision. If this happens, the AG would have to file suit.

LDH Rule Mandating COVID-19 Shot For Students Rejected
December 6, 2021
BATON ROUGE, LA – After Attorney General Jeff Landry joined numerous concerned citizens testifying at the Capitol, the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee voted 13-2 to reject John Bel Edwards’ Department of Health (LDH) rule adding the COVID-19 shot to Louisiana’s immunization schedule for schools.

In response, Attorney General Landry issued the following statement:

I applaud the Legislature, who voted in a bipartisan manner and in agreement with our legal advice that COVID-19 is not a “vaccine preventable disease” and that the executive actions of LDH went beyond their statutory authority.

I also want to thank the hundreds of Louisianans who came to the Capitol today and had their voices heard.

These types of policies should be decided by the people through their representatives not by medical czars or by executive fiat. I challenge the Governor to accept the will of the people.”
Video of Attorney General Jeff Landry’s testimony may be found here.