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About the indigenous people of the Northern Territory of Australia: “STEW PETERS WITH DAVID COLE – FULL SCALE MILITARY ASSAULT ON CITIZENS DOWN UNDER” 6 1/2 minute video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/g2DLzEj4oYfG/

Almost 13 minute video: “RICCARDO BOSI INTERVIEWS DAVID COLE REGARDING THE PLIGHT OF ABORIGINALS IN THE NT”: “Riccardo Bosi leader of Australia 1 speaks with David Cole “Lurnpa” who updates us with what is happening to Aboriginals in isolated communities in the NT. Reports are that they are being coerced to take the vaccines, police are going door to door. We need independent observers there, currently these communities are isolated by police road blocks.” “GaryMc” Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/VuVC5tvgNfwe/
Official Rumble link: “AustraliaOne Party – A time to decide. The international community must speak up!” AustraliaOne Party Published November 25, 2021

The rapid growth and scale of resource development in Northern Australia is a factor in force posture considerations, although potential threats to Australia’s resource and energy interests should not be exaggerated…” See: “Australian Government: AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE, POSTURE REVIEW” By Allan Hawke and Ric Smith, 30 March 2012 https://defence.gov.au/publications/reviews/adfposture/Docs/Report.pdf

RAAF Base Tindal (Airforce base), 15 km from Katherine NT, is being expanded-runway lengthened. About the base: https://www.airforce.gov.au/about-us/bases/northern-territory/raaf-base-tindal

Lurnpa David Cole Who I am and Why I am Fighting for our Freedomhttps://youtu.be/o5t6Dhj3E9M

This is what an Australian Member of Parliament had to say, recently:

Australian MP Says that Australian State Premiers are “Trying to Out-Tyrant Each Other, Drunk on Power, Setting up their own Biosecurity Police States”