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Republicans enabled this Dem travesty to pass. Unfortunately, Scalise didn’t successfully whip the Republicans into line, which is supposed to be his job, as Whip. In the cases where unnecessary spending is spread over multiple years, the future focus needs to be on cancelling the projected spending programs, before the money’s disbursed.

However, green cards are close to permanent, unless it can be proven that they were obtained fraudulently.


BOTTOM LINE: President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are out of touch with the American people’s concerns. Millions of moms and dads are struggling to pay for basic necessities like food, gas, and groceries because of Democrats’ inflationary policies. Instead of introducing legislation that would help millions of hardworking families who are feeling squeezed, Congressional Democrats have prioritized giving jobs to foreigners. How about taking care of the American people first?

Whip Scalise is committed to exposing President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ giveaways to radical special interest groups and the far-left provisions buried in their 2,135-page big government tax-and-spending spree. There are many “hidden gems” that Democrats are handing the socialists, and Whip Scalise will be highlighting them throughout the next few weeks.
Green Cards For Migrants Without Limits
Section 60002 gives hundreds of thousands of previously unissued green cards, over and above the current annual limits, to foreign workers and their families. https://www.republicanwhip.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Section-60002-of-Rules-Committee-Print-for-H.R.-5376.pdf

Current law allows 140,000 employment-based green cards and a minimum of 226,000 family-based green cards to be handed out each year. If these green cards are not used, they become unavailable. About 240,000 family-based green cards went unused in the past two years, and about 62,000 employment-based green cards were not distributed last year.
Democrats are pushing to eliminate reasonable limits on legal immigration and significantly increase new foreign workers at a time when many Americans are still unemployed or underemployed. Their provision would immediately make available approximately 630,000 so-called unused green cards to foreigners.
Federal and state law enforcement officers arrested more than 1.4 million illegal immigrants along the southern border during Joe Biden’s presidency. This is more than the population of Dallas, Texas, the ninth-largest city in America. Democrats’ open-door immigration policies have created one of the worst border crises in American history.