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Kamala Harris blasted for ‘weird’ attempt at French accenthttps://youtu.be/h3ByN5ZsoN8

We were anxious to see if Kamala Harris spoke with a Montreal accent or just what the problem was. Rather, she apparently failed to learn any French at all in Montreal, almost certainly in violation of the French Language Loi 101 (Law 101). Canada is bilingual. Quebec is French speaking, by law, period. Kamala Harris lived in Montreal for around six years, at an age when it’s easiest to learn languages. Even if she somehow didn’t violate the letter of the law, she certainly violated the spirit of the law.

Kamala Harris apparently didn’t even get the 28% of her approval rating in French class! She seems to have gotten a big fat ZERO.

Kamala Harris has seemingly always been totally lazy and she isn’t going to get less lazy at her age. She’s nothing but a giggly middle-aged party girl. To call her a sorority chick would be an insult to more serious sororities. Attaching herself like a leech to the Gettys, as a party pal, certainly paid off for her. And, her laziness paid off for the power elites. She failed to prosecute pedophile priests and Mnuchin-Soros’ One West, for instance. She also failed to prosecute managers of Southern Cal Edison and officials at the California Public Utilities Commission. So, her lazy ass served the power elites by failing to do her job:

Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute OneWest Bank Despite “Evidence Suggestive of Widespread Misconduct” Uncovered By Her Office

Kamala Harris Covered Up 75 Years of Sex Abuse of Little Boys by Catholic Priests, Including Priests Still Working with Children

Kamala Harris Cover Up of Cal Public Utilities Commission & Southern Cal Edison Crimes

The only reason that her mother was able to gain employment in Montreal was the French language laws led to the English speaking minority leaving the Province of Quebec. Kamala arrived in Montreal during a transition period when she probably would have been required to attend a French speaking school, unless her parents had attended English speaking school WITHIN QUEBEC. With a mother from India and father from Jamaica this was clearly not the case. She may have gotten a special waiver to attend English school.

If Kamala, or her Hindu Brahmin mother, had really cared about Civil Rights, the downtrodden, etc., then they would have supported Quebec national liberation and sent Kamala Harris to French speaking school. For that matter, they would do something to help the Dalits of India. Clearly, it was only her father who cared about the downtrodden, if he really cared.

Not only did Kamala Harris refuse to attend a French speaking school, she clearly flunked the French taught in the English language school. Kamala Harris went to this school, before transferring to the English speaking Westmount High School. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F.A.C.E._School

Based on available information, she didn’t even date a French speaker, which would have been a good way to learn the language. Rather, her boyfriend was ethnic Chinese Hugh Kwok.

The only consolation that we get from her lazy ass performance is knowing that her father, Donald Harris, is more horrified and humiliated than anyone else by her poor performance (28% approval). He must have done her homework for her while she was attending university. Or she skated through on his name. Or perhaps she went horizontal to go vertical in her studies, like she did in her political life. Or maybe she bribed professors. Too bad that the French probably won’t keep her, as we had hoped.

And, by the way, since she didn’t attend CEGEP, she cheated by entering a US university with a Montreal High School degree. Her Montreal High School would have ended at the 11th grade, and CEGEP bridged grade 12 and the first year of university in the Montreal system.

Kamala Harris proves that God can turn evil into good. She turned us into Republicans.

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