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An East Asian male, who appears to be ethnic Chinese, brutally punched an American Airlines female flight attendant multiple times mid-flight and broke her nose so badly that the airplane had to make an emergency landing. A recent KABC report says that it was unprovoked and unrelated to masks. East Asians frequently wore masks on airplanes pre-pandemic, anyway, making it difficult to believe any claim that it was mask-related. Since it’s apparently not about masks, they are trying to blame alcohol.

No one is asking if this is a racist and/or sexist act against an American woman by an ethnic Chinese (or other East Asian) man. Or an act of terrorism-war against Americans? The Biden Administration is covering up whether the China WuFlu (Covid-19) is an act of biological warfare and if Covid-19 was part of softening the population up for further attacks-invasion. Be prepared for anything, as Biden hides in Rome for Halloween.

Is that the attacker’s wife, in the video, walking ten paces behind him?
Attack on Orange County-bound flight that left flight attendant with broken nose was unprovoked KABC, Oct. 28, 2021 The attack on an American Airlines flight attendant who was allegedly assaulted by a passenger on a flight bound for Southern California was unprovoked, a source familiar with the investigation says…https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/attack-on-orange-county-bound-flight-that-left-flight-attendant-with-broken-nose-was-unprovoked/ar-AAQ3QYA https://archive.md/6dLtP

Imagine if it were the opposite and an Asian was punched? We would never hear the end of it, because they hold themselves up as a persecuted minority, when they are a world majority (60%) and they first came to the United States by choice, unlike enslaved foundational African Americans and indentured-prisoner foundational white Americans. The vast majority of Asians have come, in recent decades, on H1B visas and through family joining. The notable exception is Vietnamese refugees, who needed to immigrate. By now, the earliest Asian-American immigrants are surely blended into the general American population.

We will probably never be told if the attacker is an H1B worker from China, an illegal migrant from China, or ethnic Chinese American. Like the males dressed in drag attacking females in women’s restrooms, he clearly knows he can get by with it. No one cares about American or other western women anymore. They are the most endangered of all, as we import more and more men from sexist countries.

60% of the world population is Asian, and the Han Chinese are the largest ethnic group in the world! They aren’t a minority and they aren’t persecuted, as a group.

If an Asian migrant steals an American’s job and the American gets angry and does something crazy, it’s called a hate crime, rather than justified wrath – adding insult to injury.

But, an Asian punches an American woman, just because he feels like it, and that part is covered up.

Try getting a job in an Asian country after they steal your job on H1B or J-1 visas. They save their jobs for their own people. But, Americans are supposed to live in their own country with no source of income.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are cultural differences and culture matters. That’s why there’s a field of study called cultural anthropology. Plus, while some cultures improve over time, others spin backwards, as happened during the Iranian Revolution.

Female Infanticide in China: “During the 19th century the practice was widespread. Readings from Qing texts show a prevalence of the term ni nü (to drown girls), and drowning was the most common method used to kill female children. Other methods used were suffocation and starvation.[a][9] Exposure to the elements was another method: the child would be placed in a basket which was then placed in a tree. Buddhist nunneries created “baby towers” for people to leave a child.[10] In 1845 in the province of Jiangxi, a missionary wrote that these children survived for up to two days while exposed to the elements, and that those passing by would ignore the screaming child.[11] Missionary David Abeel reported in 1844 that between one third and one fourth of all female children were killed at birth or soon after.[12]

In 1878 French Jesuit missionary, Gabriel Palatre, collated documents from 13 provinces[13] and the Annales de la Sainte-Enfance (Annals of the Holy Childhood), also found evidence of infanticide in Shanxi and Sichuan. According to the information collected by Palatre the practice was more widespread in the southeastern provinces and the Lower Yangzi River region.[14]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_infanticide_in_China

Photo credit Mackenzie Rose

JFK-to-California flight diverted to Denver after attack on flight attendant By Jesse O’Neill October 27, 2021 https://nypost.com/2021/10/27/jfk-to-california-flight-diverted-to-denver-after-attack-on-flight-attendant

American Airlines flight to O.C. diverted to Denver after passenger attacks flight attendant, airline says – A flight from New York City to John Wayne Airport made an unscheduled landing in Denver after a passenger physically assaulted a flight attendant Wednesday, according to American Airlines.https://archive.md/lEBw1

Flight From JFK Diverted After Passenger Brutally Attacks Flight Attendant, Breaking Her Nose”: Report by Ellen Killoran October 28, 2021 https://www.crimeonline.com/2021/10/28/flight-from-jfk-diverted-after-passenger-brutally-attacks-flight-attendant-breaking-her-nose-report/

Excerpt from an August 2021 article: “The CCP’s failure to take such steps reflects the sexism that persists in the party and, arguably, in Chinese society more broadly. At the very least, the CCP suffers from a massive blind spot when it comes to women, who are grossly underrepresented in the party leadership. Women hold just 8.4 percent of leadership positions at the central…https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/china/2021-08-10/sexism-behind-chinas-population-crisis



Scoop: USCIS to Allow Afghan Parolee Charged with Rape to Keep His Work”By Robert Law on October 26, 2021 https://cis.org/Law/Scoop-USCIS-Allow-Afghan-Parolee-Charged-Rape-Keep-His-Work-Permit

They are taught that unveiled western women are all prostitutes, so what does anyone expect to happen with unsupervised, unvetted, non-westernized migrants? Assaults of various degrees have been going on for decades in Europe, for this reason. It’s only with the large quantity of non-westernized migrants that people started to notice.

Biden Regime Will Not Revoke Afghan Rapist’s Work Permit After October Assault